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Mar 23, 2022 @ 9:00am backup
World Backup Day
March 31

The amount of data collected daily is growing exponentially. For many businesses, data is one of their valuable assets. In some instances, data is the only asset they have. Data backup is crucial for protecting your business’s continuity. World backup day, March 31st is a day to remind ourselves how critical data is in our daily lives. Whether for photos, documents, confidential information, or your business.

Backing up your data is a simple but essential step to protect your business.

Importance of Backup

No matter if your data is personal or business-related, you should think about backing up your data. Backups are crucial for data protection. A regular data backup saves your important files from inevitable data loss situations due to common events such as internal mistakes, theft, cyber-attacks, hardware failures, or natural disasters. Backup saves a significant of resources that you would otherwise need to spend on restoring the lost data.

World Backup Day

On March 31, the world celebrates World Backup Day. No, it’s not an official holiday, but that doesn’t diminish the importance of the day. World Backup Day was created to raise awareness of regular backups for files, data, and other work.

We all have data that is very important to us. This data takes many forms and if we lost it, could greatly affect our businesses. A rewind button doesn’t exist for life, but for data it does. With a backup solution along with full business continuity and disaster recovery plan, you can avoid various threats to your data. Don’t be an April Fool – be prepared and back up your files often, not just on the 31st of March Questioning how to back up data? Consider using these four best practices for backing up your data.

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