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Three Certain things in Life : Death, Taxes, And Data Loss – Make April 15th Your Backup Checkup Day   no comments

Apr 14, 2015 @ 11:01pm backup

death_taxes_and_data_lossAs Tax day hits here in the United States, the dreaded April 15th, there is the old saying from Benjamin Franklin that there were only two things certain in life, Death and Taxes.  While that remains true, the reality is in this digital age there is one item just as likely as paying taxes this year, you are going to run into some form of data loss this year.  Tax documents are supposed to be saved for 7 years, the reality is you are far more likely to loose that data in the next 7 years than get audited, and you probably want to avoid both like death.

Data loss is a reality, just like taxes – Kroll’s survey about data loss states that 61% lose their data because of an inadequate data protection plan, and less than 33% of companies that had a data loss in the last year were able to recover all of their data! – that can mean no backups, or backups that didn’t do the job to keep your data safe or your business running when you need it most.

Computer servers, office pc’s, online web sites and mobile devices – all are at risk every day from outside threats like hackers and inside threats like careless or malicious employees, and the fact that hardware breaks eventually (certainly when is the last time a hard drive, laptop, or mobile device been around for the 7 years you need to store those tax returns in case of an audit?) makes data loss as inevitable as death and taxes.

Having a backup plan is a good start, there are many pieces of do-it-yourself software out there, tape backups, and even external USB drives you can copy data.   There are even many traditional online cloud backup service providers out there – but these methods just copy some of your data, leaving you often with an inadequate true data backup protection plan to get you back up and running after disaster strikes.

The reason the traditional method of backing up your data or traditional online cloud backup services are still inadequate, and leave over 2/3rds  of companies unable to recover 100% of their data is because when something breaks or is lost –  you still can be offline for days or weeks while you re-install operating systems, your specific software, or try to find the same old operating system files to install on a new server only to find it is not compatible with the new server like you thought.  Then you waste more time trying to restore files that wont work on the newer version of software you had manually re-installed- and you now have spent days and $1000’s on expensive IT consultants to try to pick up the pieces and put it back together from all those well intentioned backup plans.

The next generationg of secure online cloud backup service like TurnKey Vault offer new technology to solve this – with cloud-based replication and complete business continuity in mind.  You remotely backup your data securely over the Internet like traditional cloud based services to a secure remote data vault that encrypts and stores your backups.  Unlike traditional backup services, TurnKey Vault  gives you the option at the push of a button to restore your data like traditional services, or replicate your entire office as cloud-based servers, pc’s and laptops.  TurnKey Vault lets you convert your backups to live fully identical to the original pc’s, laptops, and servers  right into the cloud to be securely accessed remotely over the Internet.  So no more re-installing applications, operating systems or replacing broken hardware in the event disaster – the cloud is easy and fast to access with completely secure copies of your office servers, pc’s and laptops.

So if you want complete peace of mind – make April 15th not only your tax filing date each year but a chance to double check your backup plans are adequate, and if not consider moving to the latest generation of cloud based backup technology to get peace of mind.  While Death and Taxes can’t be avoided, data loss can at least be survivable if you put the right plans in place before its too late.


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Written by Adam on April 14th, 2015

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