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Featured Client- August 2013   no comments



Hello TurnKey friends! If you have been following our recent updates, you already know that things are getting pretty busy around here. We are expanding our data center and have put out some awesome products such as the TurnKey Desk 2.0 and our web-conferencing platform- Voxwire! Within a year we have been able to put forth newer, better and awesomer  (yes, awesomer) products and have also been able to expand due to our dedication and most importantly, you- the customers!

While keeping you ladies and gents happy is always our number one priority, we’ve decided to up our game with our appreciation to our clients.  We will now be posting a “Featured Client” article once a month. This will allow us to introduce you to our clients, show you what they do and how we have worked with them to help build their business! Without further ado, check out all the nice things our client, Nick, had to say about us!


My name is Nick. I am married to the most amazing woman, who is way more understanding than I ever expected.  We have 5 children from 2 to 18. I run a Web/WordPress Development Studio that specializes in small to medium-sized business site development.  I help companies develop their businesses through professional web presences. I make sure that their social media is properly targeting to the right audiences, develop email marketing plans and customization, create or re-create websites to meet the needs of clients’ users, including mobile and responsive designs


I rely on TurnKey to host my websites 24/7/365. TurnKey is essential to my company’s success. I design and develop for a living. I love what I do and I love that the folks at TurnKey do, too. I have been doing business with TurnKey for the past 3 years. I started out with shared hosting for a fantastic price until I outgrew the it and moved right into a dedicated server. I have never looked back. I have recommended Turnkey to several business associates and have heard nothing but awesome experiences.


My business has grown to what it is today because TurnKey has given me the tools that I need to be successful. The help desk is ready to go whether it’s 3 pm or 3 am and believe me, I have used it at both times. Because their responses are almost instant in most cases, they save me so much time so that I can focus my time where it needs to go- to my clients.


A month ago I had a technical difficulty with my server. The tech support guys had a lead to the problem and were working on it within an hour. I got several follow-ups checking in and even the Sales Manager contacted me to make sure I was satisfied; of course I was! Their green initiative is amazing. They have a zero carbon footprint and stellar customer service.


Nick and his wonderful family!

If you are interested in getting to know W5 Designs LLC or would like to talk to Nick Jubrey, swing over to and get in touch with them or email them at – Web Design Solutions

Web design, concentrated on small to medium size business and non profitts


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Sell Voxwire for Huge Profits with No Start-Up Costs!   no comments

Posted at Mar 8, 2011 @ 12:55pm News,voxwire

Today we released the fancy new version of our web conferencing platform, Voxwire Gold, to resellers. This means our customers can now sell Voxwire Gold under their own brand with up to a 50% mark-up in price (read: 50% profit). Voxwire Gold is ENTIRELY brandable, from the platform itself to the instruction manual, training videos and a pre-made website offer page. This is a complete business-in-a-box for the reseller who wants a ready-made SaaS solution to start making profits immediately.

Annual recurring profit from Voxwire Gold

What is So Great about Voxwire Gold?

Voxwire Gold is an impressive piece of work–from it’s flash-based architecture (cross-browser, no downloads) to it’s high-definition video, file sharing, remote desktop control, recording, and seamless integration of documents, presentations and video. Show attendees a streaming video while providing your own simultaneous voice-over. Hold a training webinar to train new employees without having to travel. Teach a class, provide technical support, hold a board meeting, and do it all remotely. Brick-and-mortar establishments charge thousands of dollars for the use of their conference rooms and meeting facilities. Offer that to your customers for $49/month. The value of Voxwire Gold is undeniable for an easy sell, every time.

Web conferencing is a 1.3 billion dollar industry for a reason: it increases efficiency while saving businesses money. This makes it an easy sell for resellers with a huge potential for profit.

A word from our President and CEO Adam Wills:

“We are excited to be able to offer our reseller clients a product in such high demand that can be branded and packaged so easily. We’ve put together a complete package with all the tools a reseller will need to bring this innovative, green-friendly communication platform to market. This is a true ‘turnkey’ product that allows our resellers to start making sales from day one.”

Adam’s right–this product epitomizes our mission here at TurnKey Internet. The entire sales arc can be accomplished in minutes. You can be signed up with your own product and your own branded website immediately. You can make your first sale right away. And there is absolutely no start-up cost, which means there is no risk. Voxwire Gold Reseller Edition comes with a WHMCS billing system plugin, so you can start keeping immaculate customer transaction records automatically. It also comes with a private label control panel for managing clients’ accounts.

The Benefits of Private Branding

This is your business with your name. Just as many large companies resell web hosting under their own company name, you can resell web conferencing under yours. Set up a viable, profitable business with no overhead and creatively brand it with your own company name, logo and brand identity. The company is completely in your hands. You decide who you want to sell to. You decide on your own target demographic. Sell Voxwire Gold to colleagues, friends on a forum you frequent, or to businesses right in your own community. Wherever you see a need for web conferencing, YOU supply the product and YOU make the profit.

Private Branding

Offer a Free Trial

We have lowered the profit barrier even further by providing our resellers with the opportunity to offer their clients 7-day free trials of Voxwire Gold. The service starts at just $20/month for resellers. With a suggested retail value of $49/month, you can more than double your money with each sale. You have complete freedom to raise or lower your prices as you see fit.

Learn more or SIGN UP TODAY!

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Written by admin on March 8th, 2011

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Web Conferencing for Profit: Employee Training and Technical Support   1 comment

Posted at Feb 15, 2011 @ 12:27pm voxwire

This month I’ve written a lot about how web conferencing can help you market your company, save money and streamline your business operations. The truth is, web conferencing is an extremely versatile tool for many different aspects of online business, and, if used creatively, it can vastly improve your bottom line. This isn’t just true for marketing and employee meetings, it’s also true for business training, and providing tech support, two significant expenses that are often overlooked when businesses are looking to save money.

Employee Training
Training employees to prepare them for working in your industry can take a lot of time and money, especially if your business is technical or heavily regulated. Many businesses send employees off for weeks of training before they step in the front door. Those businesses are paying travel expenses, they are paying instructors to teach, and they are paying those employees to learn. What if you could pay once, for a series of presentations, and be done with it? With web conferencing, you can.

Hire your experts to create a series of training webinars that cover all of the aspects of your business operations. Record those webinars and link to the recordings from your website. Send new employees the URL and ask them to watch the webinars. When they are finished, host a live meeting with a seasoned employee to answer any questions and go over anything they don’t understand. This will streamline your training process, while providing company information in one place for easy reference. If your business handles sensitive or proprietary information that you can’t post publicly, you can still save money on travel expenses by hosting your training via the conferencing platform rather than in person. By having new employees connect with live video, you can teach them face-to-face, maintaining the in-class atmosphere that promotes attentiveness and focus.

Technical Support
If you have a business that provides technical support, you never have to make another house call with Voxwire Gold. With Voxwire, you can connect to your customer’s computer remotely and take control of their OS, while they watch. This means, you can go in and make changes, demonstrate a software product and show them exactly what you’re doing while you explain it, in real time. You will never again have to verbally walk someone through dialog boxes and login screens while they click on the wrong thing. Taking control means getting things done quickly, efficiently and to your customer’s satisfaction. It will lower your operation costs while making your customers happier. Happy customers bring more customers and help you build your business. Everybody wins.

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Using Web Conferencing as a Marketing Tool   no comments

Posted at Feb 14, 2011 @ 5:46pm TurnKey Marketing,voxwire

While most people tend to think of web conferencing as a tool for connecting with remote colleagues, there are astounding possibilities for using web conferencing for marketing new products to potential and existing customers. For many businesses, especially those selling goods and services online, one of the biggest barriers to sales is education. If you sell a software-as-a-service product, for example, and your clientele doesn’t really understand what your product is and how it can benefit them, they’re not buying. Overcome this barrier with an instructional interactive webinar!

Demonstrate Your Product
A product demo is easy with an online conferencing tool that allows you to stream video and screen share. Voxwire Gold Web Conferencing has these capabilities, enabling you to show your clients, in real time, how your product works and what it can do for them. Use images from your clients’ websites, incorporate audio and video and dazzle them with a full-blown sales presentation from the comfort of your office. While many people won’t make the time to travel for a product demo, they will sit through a short presentation online.

You can use Voxwire this way even if you’re selling big-ticket items like real estate. Upload images of houses for a virtual tour. Walk potential buyers through rooms without having to meet in person. This saves you time and money, and will help whittle down the potential buyers to the real serious customers.

You don’t have to do these webinars live either. Prepare a demo and record it. Then post a link on your site for new potential customers to learn about your product first-hand.

Interact with Clients
Sales videos are great, but only if customers actively watch. There is no way to guarantee they will with traditional video and, more than that, there is no way to guarantee that they’ll click on your link or follow up. With an interactive sales webinar, you can talk with customers while you show them your products. You can show your video in the window and talk over it, or pause to add detail. You can invite participants to enter text chat questions that you can address as you go, or even invite them to connect with video for a face-to-face conversation.

Host an Event
Everyday webinars are wonderful sales tools, but you can up the stakes by hosting your own online conference within the Voxwire interface. Invite up to 1,000 attendees to sit in on your presentation. Welcome all of them to contribute comments via text chat, or highlight specific attendees by awarding them moderator privileges mid-meeting. Large events like this attract a larger number of attendees than individual instructional webinars, and they create industry buzz in the process. Create a double-edged campaign with a regular weekly meeting and then a large, once every few months, webinar. Invite colleagues to present their own new products, and bring the marketplace to you.

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Written by admin on February 14th, 2011

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