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Ransomware 2.0 – Are your servers safe?   no comments

Aug 2, 2016 @ 10:53am internet security

Are your servers safe from the latest evolution of malware – Ransomware 2.0?  You better hope so or else you will pay the price, literally.

Ransomware primarily began through email and malicious ads. However, this new breed of ransomware is targeting network and server-side vulnerabilities, with the ability to self-propagate. It will be able to quickly switch methods to maximize efficiency and will evade detection by limiting CPU usage to refrain from command-and-control actions.

Ransomware 2.0 “will start replicating on its own and demand higher ransoms. You’ll come in Monday morning and 30% of your machines and 50% of your servers will be encrypted. That’s really a nightmare scenario,” said Cisco Engineer Jason Brvenik in the Cisco 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report. These new ransomware strains will spread faster and self-replicate within organizations before coordinating ransom demands. It is critical that companies take the needed steps to prepare and protect their network as well as their local and cloud-based servers.

Now you may be wondering “What steps should I take?” Well I’m glad you asked! There are some easy yet vital best practices you should follow to protect yourself. First and by far the most important, backup your data. Second, consistently keep your software and systems up-to-date. Third, make sure you are utilizing some form of antivirus and malware protection software on your PC’s and servers. Finally, BACKUP YOUR DATA! Yes, I know I said that already, but this step is so critical it’s worth mentioning twice. If you don’t currently have a backup solution, there are many cloud-based disastery recovery and backup options to choose from, such as TurnKey Vault or Windows Server Backup.

Your primary goal is to protect your users, not just your network. Whether they are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, your users need to be protected everywhere.  However, it is unreasonable to assume that you will be 100% protected from every threat that exists. New more advanced methods to attack computers and encrypt their files are popping up everyday. This is why your number one priority should be to backup your data regularly. If that moment comes where you find yourself infected with ransomware, the comfort of knowing your data is backed up, safe and secure, is priceless. However, if you chose not to backup your data… be prepared to pay the price.

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Written by David Maurer on August 2nd, 2016

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