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TurnKey Internet Completes Data Center Network Infrastructure Upgrades   no comments

Posted at Nov 5, 2019 @ 9:00am data center,Press Release

TurnKey Internet

LATHAM, NEW YORK (November 5, 2018) – Leading Data Center and Cloud Hosting Solutions provider TurnKey Internet, Inc. announced today the completion of network infrastructure upgrades to its flagship data center in New York’s Tech Valley Region. The upgrades include multiple 100G Tier 1 transit and dark fiber providers for increased redundancy and performance, as well as upgraded Cisco and Juniper network hardware to help meet the growing demand for Colocation and Cloud solutions.

TurnKey Internet’s latest upgrades to its flagship New York Data Center continues to strengthen the company’s enterprise-class cloud-based infrastructure, which currently provides solutions to clients in over 150 countries. During the upgrade, TurnKey made significant cost investments into their core routing and distribution hardware, including the installation of multiple fully redundant, high-performance Juniper MX480 routers. The new routing hardware delivers unmatched flexibility and reliability to support advanced services and applications, while also separating control and forwarding functions, to provide maximum scale and intelligent service delivery capabilities.

In addition to the hardware upgrades, TurnKey also joined the New York International Internet Exchange (NYIIX) via direct fiber connection. Based in New York City, the NYIIX Peering Exchange is one of the largest neutral internet exchange points in the world. NYIIX’s neutral, scalable peering infrastructure assures reliable, stable internet connectivity by allowing traffic to flow through the fastest route, no matter who owns and operates the fiber. This new partnership allows TurnKey to peer bandwidth with some of the largest names in the industry including Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and more.

“The latest infrastructure upgrades to our data center matches our vision of providing our customers access to best in class enterprise-grade IT solutions on a ‘turnkey’ platform,” remarked Adam Wills, CEO of TurnKey Internet. “Our data center is now the premier data center facility for performance, redundancy, and reliability within 50 miles of New York’s Capital Region.”

For more information about TurnKey Internet’s Data Center, or to speak with a Cloud Hosting Solutions expert, visit

About TurnKey Internet

Founded in 1999, TurnKey Internet, Inc. is a full-service Cloud Hosting Solutions provider with data centers in New York and California specializing in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to clients in more than 150 countries. Services offered in both East Coast and West Coast, USA – include Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Dedicated & Bare Metal Servers, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Online Storage, Web Hosting, Managed Hosting, Hybrid Solutions and Enterprise Colocation. Headquartered in New York’s Tech Valley Region, TurnKey Internet’s Flagship company owned data center is SSAE 18 SOC 1 & SOC 2 certified, as well as HIPAA compliant. The facility is powered exclusively by on-site solar and hydroelectric sources to provide a 100% renewable energy footprint and in 2013 was designated the 39th ENERGY STAR® certified data center in the United States. For more information, please call (518) 618-0999 or visit

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Written by David Maurer on November 5th, 2019

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Is Your Website Ready for Holiday Shoppers?   no comments

Posted at Dec 10, 2009 @ 3:35pm TurnKey Marketing

While Cyber Monday has come and gone, all the studies show that the shopping season is far from over. In fact, we’re being told now that consumers will most likely continue to increase their spending through the end of the month. If you’re an online retailer, you will probably be seeing a steady increase in traffic to your website. As a former online retailer myself, I remember my greatest fear around this time of year: website slowdown, or worse! Today, as consumers expect faster and faster shopping experiences, this is an even scarier prospect. When the tiniest glitch during selection or check-out can send customers surfing, making sure your website is running at top speed is just smart business.

Take this snowy day (if you’re in the right half of the country) to have a look at your stats and, if they’re in the red, upgrade your service to handle the extra load. If you don’t have stats to look at, get in touch with your hosting provider and ask if your current plan could handle double the traffic it has now. If not: upgrade, upgrade, upgrade. Doubling your capacity might be overkill, but you only have do it once a year. Besides, the potential lost sales from a slow-down will more than pay for the upgrade.

If you don’t upgrade and your site goes down, I won’t say “I told you so” because I’m not that kind of girl… But I’ll be thinking it!

Anneke Rudegeair
Marketing Director

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Written by admin on December 10th, 2009

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