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Moving Your Business to The Cloud – Which Solution is Best?   no comments

Posted at Sep 18, 2018 @ 9:00am cloud

Moving Your Business to The Cloud

Businesses are moving their IT infrastructure to the Cloud every day – phone systems, virtual desktops, office servers, and lots more. But when your business is making that transition to The Cloud, why are there there so many options that look the same but with different names like “Cloud Servers”, “Virtual Servers”, “Dedicated Servers”? Which is the best solution for your business – and what is the difference?

First, lets define “The Cloud.” The cloud is a scalable, reliable and cost-effective way of accessing information technology at any time from anywhere. The technology of the cloud revolves around the benefits of moving expensive and complicated IT out of your office into an efficient, scalable, and secure datacenter. So if you are looking to move your office server into “The Cloud”, you are essentially looking to host the office server in a datacenter, and use the Internet to connect to it from any where, any time.


Virtual Servers

A Virtual Server (also called a Virtual Private Server, or VPS) is the term used for the server and software that runs on the same physical server as other virtual servers and is functionally equivalent to a separate physical computer dedicated to the individual customer’s needs. A single high capacity server in a datacenter can host 10 or more Virtual Private Servers – such that each client has their own privacy, computer resources, customizable operating system and software. The virtual server model is a more power and cost efficient method and provides an easier to manage and generally more reliable computer server infrastructure than say hosting the same application on a typical server in your office.

A VPS will be your lowest cost – easiest to use, option in most cases. If you need a lot of computing power, or resources (disk, network bandwidth, etc) – your costs can go double or more very quickly. The down side is your VPS resides on a ‘shared’ resource (that dedicated server that is split up between 10 or more other VPS clients). So there can be times when you have trouble getting all the performance you may need, and scalability is limited (you may be able to increase ram or bandwidth double or more from your initial machine, but costs shoot up quickly as you do so). But the VPS is easy to manage, you don’t have to worry about hardware generally since the server that your VPS is housed on will typically be a very high end server with built in redundancy. But it is still a single point of failure, which can have several hours of down time should your provider have to do maintenance.


Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server has all the same benefits of the Virtual Server for privacy, and custom software, but costs more since you have all the resources dedicated to just you (even when the system is idle, its using up electricity, so your costs and efficiency aren’t as optimal compared to a virtual server). But the dedicated server does offer a high level of performance, and for a busy application (say a phone system that connects 500 employees across 3 regions of the country) you will find the dedicated server is your best value when you need the maximum level of computing power.

A dedicated server will actually be your best performer, and best value if you have a highly demanding application that needs a lot of computing power. You can have access to 24 or more CPU processing cores, and 256GB+ of RAM if your budget allows – and it’s a lot cheaper than getting the same computing power versus a Cloud based Server. The downside is the single point of failure, and additional administrative efforts needed to maintain a dedicated server. Make sure you selected a dedicated server from your provider that includes management, backups, and guaranteed response times if something goes wrong.


Cloud Servers

A Cloud Server (Cloud hosted solution) – is going to give you best of all worlds – but at a price. You get the simplicity of a virtual machine to administer it. You get the ability to scale to very high capacity (even speeds faster than your average dedicated server), and you can even replicate to multiple servers and utilize load balancing for literally infinite scalability. The built in redundancy offers protection from single point of failure on hardware (since a cloud based server if the hardware fails, should auto restart on another node within a few seconds, picking up right where it left off) – but all this does come at a higher price. Typically 2x to 4x the cost of a traditional VPS, and if you need a lot of computer power, disk space, or bandwidth you really are going to pay a lot more for the privilege to have that level of redundancy and ability to scale on demand

So what works best for your business? Give us a call an we will help you choose the best one. At the end of the day, all 3 get you ‘in the cloud’.


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Written by David Maurer on September 18th, 2018

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Cyber Monday Deals: Up to 90% off Web Hosting   no comments

Posted at Nov 27, 2017 @ 10:42am Deals and Promotions

Cyber Monday Deals

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We provide the servers, the network, the data center, and the expert staff to manage your services to ensure that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

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*BLACK FRIDAY DEALS* Dedicated Servers & Cloud Servers   no comments

Posted at Nov 21, 2017 @ 12:08pm black friday


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Dedicated Servers

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TurnKey Internet stands apart from the crowd with fast and friendly local expert assistance 24 hours-a-day, via Phone, Live Chat, and our online Helpdesk.

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Written by David Maurer on November 21st, 2017

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Dedicated Hosted Servers In The Cloud – What Are The Advantages?   2 comments

Posted at Nov 4, 2014 @ 9:01am colocation,Web hosting


Frequent users of the blog know that I usually start the post off with a question, however, this week I’m going to do things a bit differently. The boss man, has asked me to write a post for you regarding dedicated servers. You see, I believe some of you may have heard of dedicated servers, but not been sure as to what they are and if you need one yourself. Well, I’m here to hopefully alleviate those questions or concerns you may have.

We shall break this down into 2 different sections:

  1. What is a dedicated server?
  2. Advantages of a dedicate server
    1. Performance
    2. Security
    3. Customization


Let’s start with item number one:


What is a dedicated server?

As most readers of this blog may know, I like to use analogies to help all readers grasp what I’m referring to. In this case, we shall compare a dedicated server to a car. More specifically, your parents car. You’ve just turned the legal driving age and what’s the first thing most new drivers want to do? They want to ask their parents to loan them their car so they can go pick up their friends and drive them around. However, your parents car comes with stipulations. No eating in the car. No playing music loudly in the car. No more than 3 people in the car at a time. You have stipulations placed on what you can do with the vehicle since you do not own it. You’re sharing the car with your parents.

So lets fast forward a bit in time here. You’ve saved up enough money to purchase your own vehicle. No more not eating in the car. In fact, the first thing you do is have a big fat juicy burger from your favorite restaurant and eat it in your back seat with the music blasting at full volume. Now that it’s your car, who is tell you what you can and can’t do within your car?

That is what having a dedicated server is like. A dedicated server is like purchasing your own vehicle. No need to share memory, hard drive space, processing power or bandwidth. Since its your dedicated server, you can do with as you please which is just one of the many advantages that having your own dedicated server provides you. Speaking of advantages…


Advantages of a dedicated server

Sticking with the car analogy we started in the previous section, let’s list some of the advantages of owning your own car. No longer have to ask people for rides. You set your own rules of       what is and is not permissible in your vehicle. No more waiting on public transportation. You go to an event and want to leave early? You can hop in your car and leave whenever you see fit. Now     let’s translate that into some of the advantages of dedicated server.


2a. Performance

This is one of the main benefits of having a dedicated server. Since you’re not sharing any resources with any other client, your performance will be greatly enhanced. Do you want to allocate more memory to your web server so that your site will load faster? Go right ahead. Want to limit the amount of connections people can make to your website? No one will stop you. Have a large spike of traffic due to a promotion you have running on your website? No worries about having to share bandwidth with any other client. You see, with a dedicated server, you control the environment which invariably leads to better performance as all your resources can be dedicated to just your site and no one elses. This alone will allow you to see VAST performance improvements over a shared hosting plan. Have someone who is attempting to break into your server and you need to increase your security? Well read on to the next section…


2b. Security

You wake up one morning, have your coffee and check your email. Upon checking your email you notice that you have hundreds of notifications about a brute force attack on your server. You immediately login to your server and blacklist the offending IP address. Upon further investigation, you find that one of your sites has been the target. Hackers are attempting to access the site to upload exploited code to your website. You reach out to your senior security engineer and have them give the website a thorough looking over. Your not engineer informs you that he needs to perform a security audit on the entire server. He shuts down password authentication to your server and makes it so that users need to have a key to access your server. The engineer then adjusts the limits for how quickly an IP will be blocked after failed login attempts. A malware scan is placed on the server and set to run every day. As you can see from this example, security is another large advantage of having a dedicated server. You can tighten the reins or loosen them on your server at your own discretion. You can customize your server to fit your needs which brings us to my last point.


2c. Customization

Continuing with the example from the security section, you have the ability to customize your server. Whether this be your firewall or installing new software onto your server. You can install backup software. You can reformat the server and install a different operating system. You can change your control panel to anything that you may like e.g. cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin. Taking this further back up to the performance section of having your own car, you can customize the car to fit your needs the same as you can do with a dedicated server.


Hopefully now based off the sections above, you feel a little bit more at ease about dedicated servers. In fact, if you’re looking to purchase a dedicated server, you should head over to and check out our new dedicated servers that just came in. Currently, our new hexacore servers have proven to be 2.5 times faster than our normal QuadCore based servers. You can do a whole lot more with that improved processing speed.

Until next time…


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Written by Jeremy on November 4th, 2014

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How to Maintain High Traffic Websites   no comments

Posted at Nov 8, 2010 @ 5:07pm Web hosting

So, you’ve worked hard building your website. You’ve created tons of interesting, well-written content, optimized for SEO, and designed a stunning series of pages. Finally, all your effort has paid off with the one thing most people only dream of: traffic volume. Now that you have lots of visitors checking out your site, you have to be smart about how to keep them there. Keeping your content fresh and new is only one of the many challenges you now face. Consider each of the following ideas carefully. The success of your website depends on it!


In addition to plying your visitors with interesting articles, you need to keep in touch with them more closely. Start a mailing list and a site newsletter. Each time you have a new article, interview, top 10 list or review, let your audience know about it. Check out TurnKey Newsletter for a comprehensive newsletter platform with autoresponders, easy contact management and hundreds of great design templates.


You don’t just want to have a website, you want to make money off it. There are many ways to do this when you have traffic, including: selling ad space, selling products and ebooks. But you have to be careful. These days, people are inundated with advertisements everywhere they look, and tend to feel alienated when a favorite site suddenly fills up with ads. You can keep your ads in one section only, like on your front page, and keep them off the rest of your site. You can also come up with clever alternatives to traditional banner advertising. Offer a few prime forum threads for paid ads. These can become extremely lucrative if you have a hopping forum, and they don’t impinge on the rest of the discussions. If you’re looking for a great ecommerce solution, check out TurnKey Website. This service offers complete store set-up as well as a huge selection of tools, apps, templates and value add-ons to give your site all the functionality you need for making money off of your blog.


If you have a popular website, you probably already know about syndicating content. However, not all syndication tools are created equal. Make sure you choose one that can accommodate unlimited growth. Look for functionality: video, audio, ads and images. Your feed is one major way you connect with your audience so make sure it looks as slick as the rest of your site.


It doesn’t matter how hard you work at making your website interesting when your server is down. Chances are you’re too busy to be monitoring your site 24 hours a day. Check out TurnKey Monitoring, a complete 24×7 monitoring service (that’s completely free, I might add). TurnKey Monitoring will ping you if your site goes down, so you can relax and worry about other things.

Handling Spikes

With popular websites, traffic spikes are inevitable. If you post a particularly newsworthy article, or a review of a brand new product, your going to get lots of visitors… fast. It’s important to make sure your site infrastructure can handle the spike in traffic, so you’re not brought to your knees when you should be flying high. Purchasing a dedicated server is a safe and affordable solution—you’ll have lots of extra bandwidth and managed support if anything goes wrong. You’ll also have the peace of mind of knowing that your server is yours alone. There is no other content on there to slow you down, and you can add more space as you go.

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