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When is it Time to Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?   no comments

Posted at Feb 15, 2022 @ 9:00am dedicated servers

Dedicated Servers

For many clients just starting out with a website or a new business, a Shared Hosting solution or Virtual Private Server (VPS) is often enough to get off the ground. But, for many there comes a point when these solutions just aren’t enough.

The most obvious sign that it’s time for an upgrade is when your website has started regularly requiring more bandwidth or power than your current plan provides. Sure, this is kind of a no-brainer, but it’s a good idea to upgrade before you start running into trouble. If your site starts topping out the charts, it could temporarily go offline and that’s not good for business. Often we will see clients’ websites explode all of a sudden because they ran a special promotion or got some good press, and we will always work with them to make the transition to a dedicated server as seamless as possible. But, if you start seeing things getting busy, you can avoid a stressful situation with a preventative upgrade.

Another time an upgrade is a good idea is when a web application transitions out of beta or the development stage. While you’re working the bugs out of your application, a VPS can work fine. With just a few developers and beta testers in the system, a dedicated server would probably be overkill anyway. Once you release your application to the public, however, you’ll want to make sure you plan for the inevitable boom in traffic. Nobody wants their newly released project going down right out of the gate!

Regardless of the content of your website, if you’re worried about stability, dedicated servers are always the safest bet. Below you will find a summary of all the benefits a dedicated server provides (and how TurnKey Internet maximizes those benefits for our customers):

  • Speed and Performance: Server and network response times in a shared hosting environment depend highly on the activity of others with whom you share space and resources. With a dedicated server you have significantly faster response and page load times because all the systems resources (such as CPU, disk, RAM and network bandwidth) are controlled and utilized solely by the applications on your server.
  • Reliability: With a dedicated hosting environment, you have unlimited access to the operating system, server resources and software applications. This gives you a reliable way to manage the needs of your website and database system: it’s all there when you need it. If a neighbor causes a problem by over using resources, it will not impact your website or your business.
  • Security: Dedicated servers provide better security than any other form of hosting since you are the only one with the root “administrative” access to your resources (disk, CPU, RAM, etc.) and can configure customized security policies server-wide such as firewall protection, user-level permissions and even restrict the types of applications that run on the server. With other forms of hosting, such as shared hosting, the neighbors you share space with could jeopardize the security of your web and database systems.
  • Customization and Flexibility: Dedicated Servers offer unlimited customization and flexibility to meet your hosting application needs. You have access to fine tune and optimize all aspects of the server such as custom versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL, Perl/CGI or custom database configurations to suit your application needs, providing substantial performance gains over any other form of hosting. You maintain full root ‘administrator’ access to the server and can install, remove, or modify any applications you wish. If you need even more power behind your hosted application, TurnKey can customize your server with additional RAM, disk and bandwidth to suit your needs or provide you with advanced enterprise level solutions such as clustering, virtualization, load balancing and mirroring of your dedicated server.
  • Easy-To-Use-Software: TurnKey Internet offers easy-to-use, pre-installed and pre-configured hosting applications for your web, database and mail system needs. If you know how to use a web browser, you are ready to use a TurnKey Dedicated Server with your choice of control panel, such as cPanel or Plesk. You can even select your choice of Operating System, such as Linux or Windows.
  • Multiple Domains: Dedicated servers provide a cost-effective and management-friendly solution to multiple domain hosting. Rather than dealing with the burden of numerous accounts on shared hosting servers, you can host a virtually unlimited number of domains on a single dedicated server. With our server management software, it’s easy to create, manage and delete accounts whenever you want, and all from one interface.
  • Worry-Free Operation: TurnKey Internet provides Fully Managed Solutions to ensure you don’t have to worry about your server and can keep your focus on running your business. From offsite backups to managed Firewall and Security monitoring, TurnKey takes care of everything for you.

As you can see, dedicated servers are the best solution for those that are serious about their website or business and want the assurance that hardware, software and resources are dedicated exclusively to them. If you are considering hosting numerous domains, a high traffic site, an e-commerce site, reselling hosting to others, have sensitive data contained in your site or simply want more speed, power and control, it’s time to upgrade to a dedicated server. For more information visit

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Written by David Maurer on February 15th, 2022

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Top 5 Benefits of a Dedicated Server   2 comments

Posted at May 12, 2021 @ 9:00am dedicated servers,Web hosting

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Whether you’re an online business or an individual looking for more power, flexibility, and control over your web hosting solution, the answer for you may be a dedicated server. With a dedicated server, your business has exclusive use of that server’s resources. You also have the flexibility of customizing the server to meet your individual performance and security requirements. To fully understand why a dedicated server is the better solution for you or your business, let’s take a look at the top five benefits they provide.


1. Exclusive Resources

When using a dedicated server, every bit of power, storage, and bandwidth is exclusive to you and no one else. Not only will this give your business more room to work with and expand, it will also prevent issues with your site caused by other websites. For example, if you’re site is hosted on a shared server where there is another website that is being attacked or hogging up resources, this can affect the performance of your company’s site.


2. Dedicated IP Address

Each dedicated server comes with its own dedicated IP address. With shared hosting, your site may be sharing an IP address with multiple websites. If your website happens to share an IP with a site that spams or contains malware, this can cause multiple problems. Your website can end up getting blocked, your email rejected as spam, even your search results can be affected. Another thing to consider is whether or not you’ll be running an e-commerce or selling things on your site. If so, you will need to have an SSL for your site, which in turn requires a unique dedicated IP.


3. Customization

A dedicated server allows your business to customize the hardware and software based on your company’s unique needs. Things like CPU, Memory, Hard Drive, even the speed of the server’s network port, can all be customized and upgraded on dedicated servers. With shared hosting, you are limited to the software already installed on the server, and sometimes it may lack a requirement or feature your business needs. But with a dedicated server, you have full flexibility over which software the server runs, even down to the Operating System.


4. Better Access

Another downside of shared hosting is the lack of Administrative or root access to the server. This limitation affects what software you can install as well as the settings and options that you can configure on the server. This can greatly impact the potential of what you are able to do with your website. Another advantage of administrative/root access is the ability to better monitor and troubleshoot your website, with full access to the server’s logs.


5. Better Security

With a dedicated server, you have exclusive access and can dictate who shares that access. This allows you to better secure the contents on your server and alleviates the concerns of sharing a server with malicious or careless users. Also because you have full control over the server, you can better enhance and customize its security based on your unique needs.


Now if you’re worried that you’re not tech savvy enough to run your own dedicated server, consider the option of going with a Managed Dedicated Server solution, which will provide many additional benefits on top of what’s listed above. Also if cost is a concern, check out our latest Best Value Dedicated Servers. There are countless other advantages to using a dedicated server, however the 5 above are some of the most notable. So before you decide to host your website on a shared server, consider the added flexibility, reliability, and performance that only a dedicated server can provide.

For more information on Dedicated Servers, visit or call 877-539-4638 to speak with our 5 Star rated Cloud Hosting experts.

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Written by David Maurer on May 12th, 2021

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The Adventures of TurnKing -The Merchant’s Firewall   no comments

Posted at Oct 1, 2013 @ 2:11pm TurnKey Kronicles,Web hosting

The Adventures of TurnKing!

TurnKing_Vol2-01 (1)

Chapter 2

Young Vint and his friend Leif go to the city’s merchant to see if they can get some weapons to fight off the evil DDoS Dragon and it’s bots. The merchant gives them a magical firewall and explains to them that this is not all they need! Check back next week for chapter 3 of this epic tale!

Past Volume:


Volume 1

Young Vint dreams of saving his town from a DDoS attack by the DDoS Dragon and his bots! Check back next week for chapter 2 of this epic tale!

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Written by Dylan on October 1st, 2013

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Leaves Falling, Prices Falling – Get 50% Off a TON of our Products   no comments

Posted at Sep 24, 2013 @ 11:02am Deals and Promotions,green,Web hosting

bigstock-Pumpkins-38018842Summer flew by us here at our Upstate New York data center! And before we know it, the leaves will be turning colors and falling to the ground. But there is one thing that’s sure to stay green. You got it! Our state-of-the-art sustainable data center! With the expansion of a brand new cold containment pod, an Energy Star certification, and improving our data center to run off 100%  renewable energy, 2013 has been a pretty productive year for us.

Along with these awesome achievements, we have released updated versions of our web-conferencing platform, Voxwire, and our virtual hosted desktop, the TurnKey Desk 2.0, and have released our brand new High-Speed Stock Trader. Never a dull moment here at TurnKey!

But that’s not it! While the Summer is over and Fall is here, we wanted to give you guys  brand-spankin’-new offers! And why not do it the cheesiest way possible? So ladies and gentlemen, here you go:

As the leaves are falling, so are our prices! That’s right. The leaves are even turning TurnKey Orange! Okay, that’s enough… The point is, we want to give you all 50% off of a TON of our products and services. For a limited time, use the promo code FALL50 and get 50% of all our following items, PLUS MORE:


TurnKey Ultimate Professional I Reseller
Space: 50 GB RAID-10 ultra-fast disk systems (SSD, SATA 6GBPS, & SAS 15K RPM technology)
Bandwidth: WAS 250, now 500 GB Tier 1 Premium Bandwidth
CPU: Shared 1 – 24 Cores (CloudLinux enforced)
MEMORY: Shared up to 16 GB+ (CloudLinux enforced)
Dedicated IP addresses: 2
Free Billing System: WHMCS

Now $15/month (was $29.99!) | ORDER NOW

TurnKey Ultimate Professional II Reseller

Space: 100 GB RAID-10 ultra-fast disk systems (SSD, SATA 6GBPS, & SAS 15K RPM technology)

Bandwidth: WAS 500, now 1,000 GB Tier 1 Premium Bandwidth
CPU: Shared 1 – 24 Cores (CloudLinux enforced)
MEMORY: Shared up to 16 GB+ (CloudLinux enforced)
Dedicated IP Addresses: 3
Free Billing System: WHMCS

Now $25/month (was $49.99!) | ORDER NOW

TurnKey Ultimate ROOT I Reseller

Space: 50 GB RAID-10 ultra-fast disk systems (SSD, SATA 6GBPS, & SAS 15K RPM technology)
Bandwidth: WAS 2500, now 5,000 GB Tier 1 Premium Bandwidth
CPU: Dedicated 4 Cores
MEMORY: Dedicated 4 GB (upgrade up to 128 GB)
Dedicated IP Addresses: 4
VPS and Cloud Reseller Discount: 30%
Free Billing System: WHMCS

Now $65/month (was $129.99!) | ORDER NOW


TurnKey Ultimate Personal
Space: 20 GB RAID 10 protected space (was 10 GB!)
Bandwidth: 200 GB Tier 1 premium bandwidth (was 100!)
Dedicated IP Addresses: Available
FREE SiteBuilder and TurnKey website building tools

Just $1.48/month (Originally $2.95/month) | ORDER NOW

TurnKey Ultimate Business
Space: 200 GB RAID 10 protected space (was 100 GB!)
Bandwidth: 2000 GB Tier 1 premium bandwidth (was 1000!)
Dedicated IP Addresses: Available
FREE SiteBuilder and TurnKey website building tools

Just $2.48/month (Originally $4.95/month) | ORDER NOW

TurnKey Ultimate eCommerce
Space: 400 GB RAID 10 protected space (was 200 GB!)
Bandwidth: 4000 GB Tier 1 premium bandwidth (was 2000!)
Dedicated IP Addresses: Yes
Free SSL Certificate ($69 Value): Yes
FREE SiteBuilder and TurnKey website building tools

Just $4.98/month (Originally $9.95/month) | ORDER NOW


SEO Bronze

  • was 5 now 10 Class C IPs
  • was 5 now 10 GB RAID-10 protected disk
  • was 50 now 100 GB Tier 1 bandwidth

Now $12.50 /month  (was $24.95!) | ORDER NOW

SEO Silver

  • was 10 now 20 Class C IPs
  • was 10 now 20 GB RAID-10 protected disk
  • was 100 now 200 GB Tier 1 bandwidth

Now $25.00/month (was $49.95!) | ORDER NOW

SEO Gold

  • was 20 now 40 Class C IPs
  • was 20 now 40 GB RAID-10 protected disk
  • was 200 now 400 GB Tier 1 bandwidth

Now $40.00/month (was $79.95!) | ORDER NOW

SEO Semi-Dedicated Server (VPS)

  • was 32 now 64 Class C IPs (you can upgrade up to 512 IPs!)
  • was 50 now 100 GB RAID-10 protected disk
  • was 1000 now 2000 GB Tier 1 bandwidth

Now $150.00/month (was $299!) | ORDER NOW

And while you’re at it check out our deals for VPS Hosting and for some Dedicated Servers!


VPS Hosting:


  • Linux or Windows
  • 3 GB RAM guaranteed
  • 30 GB RAID-10 SSD turbo disk space
  • Gigabit port included
  • 1 TB bandwidth
  • 2x 2.0 GHz CPU

Now $59.95/month! | ORDER NOW


  • Linux or Windows
  • 4 GB RAM guaranteed
  • 40 GB RAID-10 SSD turbo disk space
  • Gigabit port included
  • 1TB bandwidth
  • 4x 2.0 GHz CPU

Now $79.95/month! | ORDER NOW


  • Linux or Windows
  • 6 GB RAM guaranteed
  • 60 GB RAID-10 SSD turbo disk space
  • Gigabit port included
  • 2TB bandwidth
  • 6x 2.0 GHz CPU

Now $119.95/month! | ORDER NOW


  • Linux or Windows
  • 8 GB RAM guaranteed
  • 80 GB RAID-10 SSD turbo disk space
  • Gigabit port included
  • 2.5TB bandwidth
  • 8x 2.0 GHz CPU

Now $149/month! | ORDER NOW

Dedicated Servers:

Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550

  • Virtualization technology (VT) enabled
  • Visible CPU cores (4 physical CPU cores)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 4 IP addresses
  • Choice of Linux or Windows operating systems
  • 250 GB SATA disk drive
  • 5,000 GB monthly bandwidth (2,500 in + 2,500 out)
  • Web reboot port

$29/month (Annual plan) – Must use coupon code “overstock”

Dell R200

  • Virtualization technology (VT) enabled
  • Visible CPU cores (4 physical CPU cores)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • 4 IP addresses
  • Choice of Linux or Windows operating systems
  • 500 TB SATA disk drive
  • RAID: hardware RAID 0/1 optional
  • 10,000 GB monthly bandwidth (5,000 in + 5,000 out)
  • Web reboot port

$39/month (Annual plan) – Must use coupon code “overstock”
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Written by Dylan on September 24th, 2013

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TRUCKLOADS of TurnKey value! Seriously, though.   no comments

“Let’s Make a Deal!” was a terrific run, wouldn’t you agree? We had a ton of fun deal-making and prize-awarding, through the original promotion and then again with its revival. However, like all good things, “Let’s Make a Deal!” must, too, come to an end. If you find yourself in tears, we understand. Take a moment. We’ll wait…

We would like to extend a final, congratulatory shout-out to our winners of “The Deal of a Lifetime” (Jesse C., Steven S., Danny F., Hendra S., and Adam B.), and an enormous “Thank you!” to everyone who entered. This will not be the last TurnKey Internet giveaway of its kind—mark my words!

With that being said, we have something brand new to share with you! Come on; would you really expect anything less from us? At this point, we hope you know as well as we do that we would be bored to tears without some kind of event going on.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce… The Truckload Sale!

An 18-wheeler just arrived at the TurnKey Internet data center, bursting at the seams with a medley of 8 GB, 16 GB, and 32 GB Intel E3 dedicated servers. To celebrate the arrival of this glorious mountain of technology, we are packing in the savings and marking every single one of them 40% off! All you have to do is enter the coupon E3TRUCK at check-out. That’s it! We’re all about making things easier.

E3’s are what’s hot right now, and they are being snatched up left and right. Don’t miss your chance to get in on this discount, because—trust us!—it won’t last long! Check out the Truckload Sale > 

Also… Yes, there is an “also”. Have you noticed there’s almost always an “also”? The E3 sale isn’t the only new thing starting up at TurnKey Internet this week. Since the truck arrived carrying only servers, we realized that we needed to show our other products and services some love as well. Naturally, we decided to offer savings on… well, everything. We just feel like a new year is started best when there’s a deal involved, you know? Especially when it’s a TurnKey deal, because those are our very favorite kinds of deals. So, see for yourself! Whether you’re looking for a reseller package or a virtual private server or anything in between, with this sale (and the coupon code TK2013), we know you’ll be able to kick off 2013 correctly.

So, are you as excited as we are? We hope so! But save some room for more, and keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We may or may not have another contest all cooked up and coming your way in the VERY near future.


Pssttt… I’ll have it be known that by “may or may not” I mean “definitely do without question”, but that’s between you and me… Follow Us : Facebooktwitterlinkedinyoutubeinstagram
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Black Friday: Cloud Services Could Save You   no comments

Posted at Sep 7, 2012 @ 2:25pm Holidays,turnkey cloud,Web hosting

Black Friday Shopping Cart

Howdy-do, TurnKey Lovers?

Jeremy here, with another entry for you to gobble up. “Gobble”? Well, that’s a funny use of the word, but it actually deals directly with my current post. The word “gobble” results in thoughts about turkey. Now, this could be due to the fact that I’m hungry. Any reference to food incites a bout of extreme hunger, causing me to crave that 5-piece spicy nugget from Wendy’s that I have left over. But, I digress.

The reason that I mention “gobble” is really to talk about turkey—not TurnKey—but turkey. That, sometimes dry, meat that you have to cook perfectly on Thanksgiving, or start looking for a gallon of water to just get through the meal. Turkey brings us to Thanksgiving; one of the joyous occasions most Americans celebrate every year by engorging themselves with as much food possible, and then passing out an hour later. Ok, that might just be me who does the passing out part…

There is also another GREAT benefit to this time of the year. Have you figured it out yet? Did you even guess? I’ll give you a hint; it’s the day after you recover from stuffing yourself with delectable food. Queue the jeopardy theme song—BLACK FRIDAYYYY!!!

Black Friday isn’t considered a holiday, but with the sheer amount of people out shopping, you would think it was the busiest holiday of the year. I will give you a bit of history on the day Black Friday:

This day, Black Friday, is the official kick-off to the Christmas shopping season. You will see/hear/read about many retailers opening up at 4AM or earlier to accommodate the large rush of customers expecting to find ridiculous deals on different products. Consumers every year look forward to this one day, so that they can purchase those headphones they’ve been eying for months that were a bit too expensive, or that new 50-inch LCD flat screen that they’ve been wanting to hang up over their fireplace since first seeing the ad on television.

To put this in perspective, I’ve included the table below from our good buddy Wikipedia, which depicts the average amount of money that is spent on this day:


Retail Sales

The National Retail Federation releases figures on the sales for each Thanksgiving weekend.

Year Date Survey Published Shoppers, millions Average Spend Total Spend
2011 24-Nov 27-Nov 226m $398.62 $52.5 billion
2010 25-Nov 28-Nov 212m $365.34 $45.0 billion
2009 26-Nov 29-Nov 195m $343.31 $41.2 billion


Now, you may be wondering, “What on Earth does this have to do with hosting?” Well, my friends, we live in a world with a digital economy now, and it seems that everyone and their mother has a website. Almost every major retailer has some sort of ad space where they post their upcoming deals for Black Friday. With so many consumers looking for the best deal, you can imagine that sites will receive heavy traffic spikes due to the demand of finding the best deals.

These large spikes of traffic need to be handled as smoothly as possible, so that retailers and consumers do not experience any downtime during this whirl-wind of a day. Enter stage left—expandable cloud servers, multiple VPS’s (virtual private servers), or another dedicated server to handle the increase of traffic. All of which you can find here, at TurnKey Internet.

Each solution has its unique benefits. For example, let’s say you have a cloud server. On Black Friday, your traffic quadruples. Well, one of the main benefits of a TurnKey cloud is the ability to add more resources without incurring downtime. You could have more RAM allocated, increased disk space, or even increased bandwidth. The scalability is very enticing. Then, after Black Friday has concluded, you can downgrade your cloud server with no issues.

Or, let’s say you purchase an additional TurnKey VPS to handle your increase of traffic. You could then have those extra VPS’s decommissioned. You see, the real winners on Black Friday are the consumers/retailers that plan ahead. They purchase the additional bandwidth or add another server before the day occurs. As my college professor would say, “Prior preparation prevents poor performance.” That could be increasing your Turnkey cloud resources, adding an additional Turnkey VPS, or purchasing a new Turnkey dedicated server ahead of time. That way, you can keep your sales flowing in and your customers happy.

Now, my chicken nuggets are calling. Until next time, TurnKey lovers!

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TurnKey Internet Scam – Thumbs Up – Reliable Hosting Provider   no comments

Posted at Jun 30, 2010 @ 4:25pm TurnKey Marketing

TurnKey Internet is no rip off. The web hosting company gets consistently high marks for service, reliability and up-time.

How did you find this blog post? Did you run a search for TurnKey Internet Scam? If so, welcome! You’re my target demographic. This is part three of my SEO-fu experiment. If you haven’t read the first two posts, you can find them here (1) and here (2). Today, the focus is you, the customer, and how you browse, search and read. Understanding how you do these things will help us figure out: how to help you find us; how to appeal to you when you do; and how, as a business, to navigate this weirdo short attention-span information culture we all find ourselves living in.

Many people (myself included) don’t always take enough time to evaluate the sources of their information. We may read a review somewhere that effects our opinion of a company without ever wondering about who wrote it. Our decisions are snap, our time is valuable, and once we pick a company, we will tend to stick with it. It’s easier to stay where you are once you’re there—I think that’s a law of inertia or something. But really, market studies show, consumers demonstrate brand-loyalty online the same way they do in a supermarket or clothing store. So get those customers in the door, and you’re likelier than not to keep them.

Information is power. The trouble is: there’s too much of it out there (information AND power, but in this context I’m referring to information). Often, the first line of text that appears under the Google search result link is all a customer will read before making a decision. As a marketer, it is my job to make that text count—to curate my information into bite-sized pieces without sacrificing quality. This is extremely challenging when, say, you have like eight things to communicate and only room for four. Surely in this equation there is an inevitable sacrifice of information quality—you just can’t always cram everything you need to say into tiny spaces. In this case, language can’t keep up with progress. But there is hope! One positive thing about Google’s indexing of every word of text on the internet, is that every word counts. So you may not be searching specifically for “TurnKey Internet Quality” or “Marketing Philosophy” or “Web Hosting Masters” but goll durnit, you’ll find us! Of course, you may never know WHY you found us (unless you actually read this post) but, point is, my SEO-fu got you here, despite your 2010 attention-span.
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Written by admin on June 30th, 2010

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The Benefits of a Longer Domain Name   no comments

Posted at May 25, 2010 @ 12:50pm TurnKey Marketing

While you might think longer domain names are never the way to go, you might be surprised by some of the benefits. A more descriptive domain better represents your site content, and can be a great boost to SEO. It can also be more memorable, more readily available and less of a risk of copyright infringement. Before I go too much further, I should mention that it is always a good idea for your domain name to be the same as the name of your site. This is true both because it will be more memorable and because it won’t dilute your brand with multiple titles.

SEO Benefits

In a longer domain name you have the opportunity to pick two or three keywords that represent your company, your products or your services. Short might be nice for ease of typing, but it’s nearly impossible to find a short domain name today that will have anything to do with your company content-wise. If you’re willing to brand yourself with something nonsensical for the sake of brevity, great; but if you want your brand to reflect your company, longer just makes sense. In a world where search terms define traffic, naming your company with industry-related search terms is smart business. However, there are a couple of points to look out for.

  • Make sure the domain name you choose is easy to spell. If it isn’t, then buy up all the misspellings of your domain and point them to your page. But really, it’s best to avoid hard-to-spell domains for the sake of clarity. Also, your site ranking is associated with your domain name so if you have multiple spelling variants, it could be lowering your numbers.
  • Make sure your domain name is easy to pronounce. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: word of mouth is just as important today as it was 50 years ago. If your customers can’t pronounce the name of your website, they’re less likely to talk about it. I don’t have any scientific studies to support this claim, but I think it’s pretty solid common sense.

Easy to Remember

Sometimes a phrase can be easier to remember than a short made up word. It’s all about context and description. If your site name and domain are specific, descriptive and relevant they will also be memorable. Why not go all the way and make your domain name a complete sentence? As language-based creatures, sentences that mean something, stick. Think about how easy it is to remember song lyrics. Associate your title sentence with your site content and you will have the advantage of contextual memory coupled with all of the other advantages discussed above. Slam dunk.

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Written by admin on May 25th, 2010

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Driving Traffic   1 comment

Posted at May 19, 2010 @ 1:11pm TurnKey Marketing

The first step in driving traffic to your business website is to create a compelling  site that is logically laid out. Invest some time and money into creating a site that reflects your business philosophy and business goals. Make contacting you easy, and streamline the shopping and check-out process – the faster the process, the more sales you will make. Once you have the site ready, here are some techniques for bringing people to it:

  • Brand your product and website consistently. Every time your brand makes an appearance, you are building your brand recognition. Keeping that brand simple and potent is the key to building your business. Don’t dilute the brand with multiple versions of your logo. Don’t dilute your brand with different website templates. Keep the look of your company consistent and it will get consistently recognized.
  • Make your website trustable. Always make sure your content is well-written, authoritative and slick. You want to instill as much trust as possible in every single visitor you get because every visitor is a potential client. Keep your security software active and updated and let your visitors know you run a secure site. If they feel like their information is safe with you, they’ll be much more willing to spend money with you.
  • Create strong business policies. Write up a solid company policy. Include return-policies, money-back guarantees, and a strong code of ethics. Display this information prominently in your website’s footer and refer to it in your advertisements. If you have a company newsletter (and you should—more on this in another blog post soon) maintain a stringent privacy policy and make it crystal clear to your subscribers how they can opt-out. Spamming is the number one absolute no-no when it comes to building consumer trust.

  • Name each of your web pages with an SEO friendly keyword. Get your webmaster to title each of your pages accurately and with an eye towards the search engines. Internal navigability is critically important but in order for it to matter, people have to be able to find your website in the first place. Titling with keywords makes your website index-able and indexing equals traffic.
  • Add as much value to your website as possible. There are many techniques for making your clients feel like they’re getting a whole lot out of their relationship with you. Affiliate programs achieve this while also helping you mobilize your traffic to build itself. Recommending links to other related content can also add value. Ideally, you want to cultivate repeat-traffic. If you serve as a kind of index or reference for your visitors, they’ll keep coming back for more. You can also offer e-books as a bonus for purchases, filling out surveys or joining your mailing list. There are e-books out there on pretty much every topic imaginable.
  • Add a favorites or “bookmark this site” script to your pages. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If visitors can easily mark your website when they visit, they will be more likely to come back in the future. Make this as painless as possible.

  • Add a “recommend this site.” Word-of-mouth is as important today as it’s ever been—maybe even more important as social networking makes us all aware of everyone else’s opinions all the time. Make it easy for visitors to recommend you to their friends and colleagues.
  • Create a “what’s new” page, or a “recent news” section. This is especially important for large sites with a lot of fresh content scattered among many pages. You want to make it as easy as possible for your visitors to check out new updates. This is important for maintaining visitor interest and for maintaining visitor participation. It is well-known that traffic expands exponentially. Popularity builds on itself.
  • Make your site SEO friendly. I touched on this earlier, and have written about it in several other blog posts. There are several SEO websites where you can learn all the dirty secrets for optimizing your site. Here is a brief rundown of the basics:

    • Title tags: These should be 60 characters, and include keywords.
    • Header tags: These are numbered from 1-7, and aren’t recognized for every search engine but, when they are, they’re important.
    • Keyword meta tags: Meta tags should be 15-20 words long (to avoid getting flagged for spamming) and should be as directly relevant to your site content as possible.
    • Text area key words: It is particularly important to include keywords in the beginning of sentences and higher up on the page, but keywords anywhere will be helpful.

  • Submit your site to search engines. It takes a whole lot longer for search engines to find your site organically, so submit it! It can be time consuming, but submitting your site to each search engine individually will yield the best results.

  • Keep on top of links and repair or delete broken ones. Dead links are a sure give-away that you’re not keeping your website up-to-date. Clean house regularly manually or with a link-checker. There are several free link-checking tools available online.

  • Conduct periodic contests. Contests are an excellent way to build traffic. Everyone loves to win something, even when it isn’t worth a lot of money. The spirit of competition is a powerful thing. Make sure you keep a running tally of the rankings, visible to the public. If you run a contest over a few days or even weeks, you will keep contestants coming back again and again to check their standings. Contests that involve voting are especially effective. Voting gets people to involve their social networks. This can lead to a huge increase in traffic in a relatively short period of time.

  • Keep content fresh. I know. I’m starting to sound like a broken record on this one, but I really can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your website current. Nobody is going to bother coming back to visit if there isn’t ever anything new to look at. It’s obvious. It’s true.

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More Adults are Using Social Networks   no comments

Posted at May 18, 2010 @ 12:06pm News,TurnKey Marketing

A new study has come out about adult use of social networks. Like with every other demographic, it’s going up. Though adults still rank well below youngsters, the late adopters are still adopting as the human race moves closer and closer to 100% virtual living. Okay, so maybe that’s a little grandiose. Just because something continues to grow now, doesn’t mean it is never going to stop. Still, there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight, according to the numbers.

89% of users still consider social networks to be primarily social, but business use is growing. The majority of social networkers have multiple accounts, some for business some for personal. Of course, younger adults have the highest percentage of use:

75% of 18-24
57% of 25-34
30% of 35-44
19% 45-54
10% 55-64
7% 65+

I was surprised to see that Myspace still ranks highest for usage, with 50% of all social network users. Facebook has 22% and LinkedIn has 6%, with 1% left over for YouTube. Among older users, privacy was of the greatest concern, but wasn’t keeping them from setting up profiles like it used to. Follow Us : Facebooktwitterlinkedinyoutubeinstagram
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