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My First Website – Part 2   no comments

Posted at Mar 26, 2010 @ 1:35pm My First Website

After quite a few stumbles, the website is up and running! It was a lot harder to get from step two – designing the site – to the finished product. My biggest problem was choosing the best website design software. I started with What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), which was not the best choice for a first time website builder. There were no templates in WYSIWYG – so I basically had to build it from scratch. I jumped ship pretty quickly and tried out PageBreeze. I liked PageBreeze quite a bit. I made the homepage of first. Here, I put a picture of Thacher Park, and then links to other related sites and to other pages of the website. I had media, rally info and action pages. I finally finished it up and uploaded it to the server. I looked at it online and it did not look like how I designed it. The fonts were messed up and the picture was not appearing. I spoke with my supervisor, and she thought I ought to give Adobe Dreamweaver a shot. It was by far the best design software. Luckily, the site was up just in time for the Thacher Park Rally.

My supervisor, Anneke, joined forces with the Parks and Trails NY Campaign Director, Sean, and together they organized an amazing rally. To prepare, they had a pizza and poster making party the Sunday before. This had a good turnout – about 20 people showed. Hundreds made it out on Wednesday to protest and lobby for Thacher Park. Veterans, Senators, elementary school children, senior citizens who had fought for Harlem parks in the 60s, and many other park loving people came to Albany to fight for this cause. The anger was palpable and their voices were heard. In fact, quickly after the rally, New York State Senator Serrano issued a press release stating that he would push to block $11 million from the budget cuts to keep the parks opened. Thanks to the hard work and passion of a few individuals, the beloved parks have a chance to stay open for everyone’s enjoyment. Make sure to check my site,, often to learn about more fun events and Thacher Park’s status!

Overall, the site-making project went really well. I’m keeping it updated and recent with new information and links, and have had a great response from the public. The main lesson learned here: if I can do this, anyone can! Save the park!

Abbey Connick

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My First Website — Part 1   no comments

Posted at Feb 24, 2010 @ 1:57pm My First Website

Hi, I’m Abbey Connick, the new TurnKey Internet intern. My first project is to create a website, which I have never done before.

Here is the title of my first website: Save John Boyd Thacher State Park.

Living in Upstate New York one of my favorite things to do has always been to visit the state parks.  I remember family picnics, fun hikes, and wildlife excursions at Thacher Park.  Sadly, these may become distant memories. Governor Paterson is proposing to cut the parks budget which would cause Thacher Park to close (among others). This would be a huge loss to the Capital Region, as it serves as a wholesome destination for family and teen outings.

Needless to say, the public is completely outraged.  Thacher Park has been a great outlet for the Capital Region. With the economy in a shambles, it is a smack in the public’s face to close this free destination that so many people utilize. Also, unlike many of the other state parks that will stay open, Thacher was hugely popular with many low-income communities.  Nobody saw this coming as everyone was completely shocked when Paterson delivered the news this past weekend.

To compensate for their lack of input before the decision, the inhabitants of the Capital Region have a lot to say (if not yell) now. Tens of thousands of people are joining Facebook groups for this cause, protests are being organized, and petitions are being signed. Leading the troops, is my supervisor Anneke. She has been an avid Thacher hiker and is enraged that her favorite weekend activity might be canceled for good. She is doing everything she can to spread awareness and organize people to stop it.

It is actually her passion that gave me my website idea. I have no website design experience (really, none!) and I was unsure of what to do at first.  I wanted to make a website that was both useful and interesting.  I finally decided that dedicating my website to the Thacher Park cause fit both of these requirements.  It will be teaching me about web design while helping to organize and promote action to keep Thacher Park open.

After I found my website idea, I needed to actually make the website. I had (and still have) no idea what I’m doing. I know, I know, this should be simple. I went to MIT for two years and I’m friends with about a few dozen start-up guys (and girls), yet I do not know the first thing about making a website. After Googling ‘how to start a website,’ I found a pretty good ‘how to’ guide.  The first thing they instructed me to do was to pick a domain name.  I registered the name,, with Turnkey Internet.  It was actually easier than I thought it would be. Next step: designing the website. This part might be a little harder than the first one. Consulting with my how-to guide, I found a really good web builder program – What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG). I have been using that so far and again, it is a lot easier than I expected.

I’m still on step two, but stay tuned for my progress.  I’ll keep you updated about my failures and triumphs as a web designer AND how you can keep Thacher Park open!

– Abbey

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Written by admin on February 24th, 2010

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