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Winning the Storage War   no comments



Our CEO and President, Adam Wills, was recently featured in this month’s Capital Magazine! Adam discussed the beginnings of TurnKey Internet and how with a small team here at our green data center, we’ve been able to work with over 13,000 clients in over 100 different countries. Starting in 1999, TurnKey has gone through multiple phases to reach where we are today. And if you have been keeping up with us here, on Facebook, or on Twitter, you will know that we show no signs of slowing down!

“High-speed Internet back in the early to mid-2000’s wasn’t really ubiquitous everywhere, and it’s not what what we understand what it is today. Especially with the concept of mobile-devices that we have now. The iPhones, and a few years later the Droid, had been invented, meaning that people could communicate anywhere on the go. They needed a centralized place, and they needed a centralized communication channel and have that data stored. We saw the opportunity on the horizon.”

Check out the rest of the article here to read what else Adam had to say!

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Written by Dylan on September 3rd, 2013

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Featured Client- August 2013   no comments



Hello TurnKey friends! If you have been following our recent updates, you already know that things are getting pretty busy around here. We are expanding our data center and have put out some awesome products such as the TurnKey Desk 2.0 and our web-conferencing platform- Voxwire! Within a year we have been able to put forth newer, better and awesomer  (yes, awesomer) products and have also been able to expand due to our dedication and most importantly, you- the customers!

While keeping you ladies and gents happy is always our number one priority, we’ve decided to up our game with our appreciation to our clients.  We will now be posting a “Featured Client” article once a month. This will allow us to introduce you to our clients, show you what they do and how we have worked with them to help build their business! Without further ado, check out all the nice things our client, Nick, had to say about us!


My name is Nick. I am married to the most amazing woman, who is way more understanding than I ever expected.  We have 5 children from 2 to 18. I run a Web/WordPress Development Studio that specializes in small to medium-sized business site development.  I help companies develop their businesses through professional web presences. I make sure that their social media is properly targeting to the right audiences, develop email marketing plans and customization, create or re-create websites to meet the needs of clients’ users, including mobile and responsive designs


I rely on TurnKey to host my websites 24/7/365. TurnKey is essential to my company’s success. I design and develop for a living. I love what I do and I love that the folks at TurnKey do, too. I have been doing business with TurnKey for the past 3 years. I started out with shared hosting for a fantastic price until I outgrew the it and moved right into a dedicated server. I have never looked back. I have recommended Turnkey to several business associates and have heard nothing but awesome experiences.


My business has grown to what it is today because TurnKey has given me the tools that I need to be successful. The help desk is ready to go whether it’s 3 pm or 3 am and believe me, I have used it at both times. Because their responses are almost instant in most cases, they save me so much time so that I can focus my time where it needs to go- to my clients.


A month ago I had a technical difficulty with my server. The tech support guys had a lead to the problem and were working on it within an hour. I got several follow-ups checking in and even the Sales Manager contacted me to make sure I was satisfied; of course I was! Their green initiative is amazing. They have a zero carbon footprint and stellar customer service.


Nick and his wonderful family!

If you are interested in getting to know W5 Designs LLC or would like to talk to Nick Jubrey, swing over to and get in touch with them or email them at – Web Design Solutions

Web design, concentrated on small to medium size business and non profitts


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Staff Interviews: Nick Molik   1 comment

Posted at Jul 15, 2011 @ 2:05pm Staff Interviews

Nick is our Sales Manager and that’s not all. He’s a smooth talking spitfire. He’s my friend and yours. As the consummate salesman and all around jokester, Nick keeps things lively here at TurnKey while providing the world-class customer service and salesmanship you’ve come to expect.

What attracted you to the hosting business?

I have always loved and succeeded in sales. It has always been a dream of mine to grow with an upcoming company.

How did you find TurnKey?

Brian Ellwood. Turnkey is down the street from my previous employer.

What aspect of your job brings out the best in you?

Customer Service

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Other than working (yes in my free time)…. Golf

Do you have any good party tricks?

Let’s party and we can find out!!!!

Sounds like a plan, Nick! Stay tuned for more staff interviews coming soon.

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Written by admin on July 15th, 2011

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Five Questions With TurnKey Internet’s CEO Adam Wills   no comments

Posted at Mar 11, 2011 @ 11:23am News

This interview first appeared in the Troy Record, March 10, 2011.

Where did the name TurnKey come from?

A The “TurnKey” name came from our core business concept — providing an easy to use, complete, and ready-to-go solution for some specific need or problem. I came up with it initially when starting out as a consulting company, since the idea was to have our name convey the product at the same time.

What is TurnKey’s mission?

A Our mission is to provide easy to use (“TurnKey”) hosted service solutions that help businesses reduce information technology costs and keep focused on what they do best — running their businesses. Our secret sauce has always been that we make information technology as easy to access as possible and avoid complicated computer hardware or confusing software setup.

Did you start TurnKey yourself?

A Yes, I started TurnKey Internet by myself in 1999 as a consulting business after selling my share of the regional Internet provider, Global 2000 Communications. In 2002, TurnKey Internet evolved from a consulting company into an Internet service provider that directly sold IT hosted services to business clients in need of websites, email solutions and other communication services.

What is The Cloud and how can regional companies benefit from using it?

A The cloud, at its most simple form, is a green-friendly, cost-effective way of providing Information Technology to businesses. The cloud lets you take physical computers and software that traditionally would be in your home or office and replace them with lower-cost, green friendly virtual systems that reside in a datacenter somewhere out in the Internet. The green-friendly environment of a properly run data center provides cost savings, while allowing the computing needs of a business to be more efficient, accessible and secure.

Talk about your pending new office expansion. Do you foresee outgrowing that space eventually?

A Last year we purchased the vacant US Post Office building at 175 Old Loudon Road in Latham, and have been retrofitting it for use as a high-tech datacenter. Once completed later this year, the new building will serve as our primary headquarters for staff, and more than 8,000-square-feet of datacenter space. We had such tremendous growth last year, with a 67 percent year-over-year revenue growth, that we already outgrew the power service of the new building before moving in. That growth has caused a six-month delay in our retrofitting plans for additional power service to be brought to the building. We anticipate filling this datacenter within three to five years, and setting up our next datacenter in the capital region to expand further from there.

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Written by admin on March 11th, 2011

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TurnKey Staff Interviews: Tim Kirsch   no comments

Posted at Sep 14, 2010 @ 3:41pm Web hosting

Welcome to Tim Kirsch, Director of Business Development and the latest addition to our team! Tim hit the ground running and has already organized several great new TurnKey initiatives that are getting us more local attention every day. We are all looking forward to working with him on all of our new product releases and marketing projects. Welcome to the TurnKey family, Tim!

What attracted you to the hosting business?

I have always been interested in technology of any kind and how it can improve the business process of any company. My career has included both sales and management positions and I have always been excited to learn about new and better technologies. Turnkey has a product mix that any business or organization would be a potential candidate for. Knowing from experience how advancements in technology can improve results, I felt the plans that Turnkey’s management shared with me for the new business solutions coupled with the new hosting facility currently under construction, were very intriguing. I feel like I am getting in on the ground floor of a company on a huge upward swing. This is something that is extremely unusual in today’s economy and something I am excited about being part of.

How did you find TurnKey?

Before joining Turnkey, I owned and operated a small online marketing company that needed a dedicated server for a particular online project I was spearheading. My office was in the same building as the office for Turnkey so after going online to check out if they had what I needed I went down and met with them to make a deal on the dedicated server. Over the next several months I got to know the owner and the staff. I guess they got sick of my stopping down to see them so much they felt I should probably just come work here.

What aspect of your job brings out the best in you?

I guess it would be meeting with clients and coming to understand their business. I look forward to being able to match businesses with our products and services, to help them grow their businesses.

Do you have any hobbies?

Yes I have many hobbies. First and for most would be continually trying to improve my golf game. I also enjoy any outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking and swimming. During the winter months I am devoted to following the Siena Saints College basketball team.

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Written by admin on September 14th, 2010

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TurnKey Staff Interviews: Brian Ellwood   no comments

Posted at Mar 26, 2010 @ 12:57pm Staff Interviews

As the newest guy on the team, Network Engineer Brian has already become a much-loved member of the TurnKey family. Hilarious, industrious and great at what he does, we’re all so glad to have him. Welcome, Brian!

What attracted you to the hosting business?

As a programmer by nature I found myself constantly setting up environments on which to develop. Having experience in both Windows and Nix gives me an edge in supporting and
running hosting environments. Being able to bring and constantly refine these skill-sets to a higher level is a challenge that I enjoy.

How did you find TurnKey?

Through a colleague, by happenstance.

What aspect of your job brings out the best in you?

Working in a dynamic and versatile environment allows me to shine as a Jack-of-all-trades.

Do you have any hobbies?

In the Winter I enjoy snowmobiling in the Adirondack’s and during the Summer I like to work in the yard.

Tell me something interesting about yourself…

My left arm is longer than my right arm.

What hardware/software do you use on your home computer?

Windows 7 x64, Ubuntu Server 8.04 LTS

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Written by admin on March 26th, 2010

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TurnKey Staff Interviews: Dave Klotz   no comments

Posted at Jan 11, 2010 @ 2:39pm Staff Interviews

After running my own online business for a few years, I started working as TurnKey’s Marketing Director last summer. My background is in online marketing and content production, so I felt reasonably knowledgeable coming in on my first day. Ha! As it turns out, knowing something about social networks, SEO and writing copy doesn’t really help one understand the ins and outs of the web hosting business. Weird, I know. Point is: I had a ton to learn. Luckily for me, I had Mr. Dave Klotz, our systems engineer and all around hilarity machine. Dave really made the transition easy on me. He’s a super smart one with some hardcore patience and a real ability to explain things in understandable ways—not a trait common to most systems engineers, or so I’ve heard.

Anyhow, it occurred to me that you guys might like to get to know Dave a little better too. So here you have it, the first in a new series I like to call, “TurnKey Staff Interviews.” Enjoy!

What first attracted you to the hosting business?
I like the Internet, it’s a fun place. To be able to be a part of the IT industry is great too. I feel as a web host we are at the vanguard of seeing emerging technologies on the Internet. When I am able to help a customer and see their business take off, I can’t help but be excited for them and feel like I somehow was able to bring them closer to their goal.

How did you find TurnKey?
Craigslist, the place from which all blessings flow (besides TurnKey, of course).

What aspect of your job brings out the best in you?
I think I’m pretty good at figuring out technologies, and how to implement them to increase automation to expedite our ability to deliver a consistent and reliable product, as well as come up with new avenues to expand our current product selection. I think of it as coming up with life hacks for the company.

Do you have any hobbies?
I enjoy taking drives. A good road-trip always clears my thoughts, and if not, then it wasn’t a long enough trip. I also enjoy collecting records, as well as political punditry.

Tell me something interesting about yourself.
I am made mostly of water.

What hardware/software do you use on your home computer?
Windows 7, Ubuntu Desktop, Windows XP, Fedora Core 11 on my 2 PCs. Commodore Basic V2 on a Commodore 64.

Thanks Dave! Stay tuned for more TurnKey Staff Interviews, coming soon.

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Written by admin on January 11th, 2010

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