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Posted at Sep 11, 2013 @ 4:27pm Web hosting



Hey there!

In case you don’t recognize me, I’m Jared – the long-standing (over a year) intern at TurnKey Internet.   You may be asking yourself “How has he been an intern for more than a year at this crazy cool place?” and the answer is that school happened.  I recently graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and I started this internship a year ago as a part of my graduation requirements.  Since the start I have been getting some hours in on school breaks and whatnot, working towards my degree in New Media Interactive Development.

So what do I do here at “The Turns?” (it’s a little thing I call the company… in my head.  Actually I made that up just now as I was writing…  this is why they don’t let me touch the copywriting.  That, and because my first attempt at writing this blog turned into a creative writing piece detailing a false backstory for myself set in a distant galaxy).  Anyway, I do tons of stuff!  Some of you may have had the undisputed pleasure of talking to me on the phone, but most importantly I’m heavily involved in the graphic design projects here.  You can see some of my work proudly displayed on our Facebook page, in your mail (physical), in your mail (digital), around the office, in our Vines, and well just about anywhere in our digital domain.  I’m also the person currently responsible for transforming Dylan’s Neanderthal gibberish into legible content, so you’re all welcome for that.


In other news, great things are on the horizon for The Turns, and here are some things you should keep a look-out for:

High Speed Stock Trader Desktop: Manage your stocks with the beauty and speed of the top-of-the-line stock programs rolled into one.

– Holiday Specials:  The holidays will hit before you know it.  Keep a close eye on your inboxes!

The TurnKey Pod Project:  We’ll be revealing more footage and content from the addition of our newest pod.

That’s all I have for you today!  Maybe we’ll see each other again soon, TK Bloggerites.


The Ultimate Intern

(soon to be titled The Ultimate Employee… right?… …Right?!)

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