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Price Matching In the Cloud – The Art of War Without a Fight   no comments

Posted at Oct 18, 2016 @ 11:45am cloud


Negotiation is both an art and a form of war.  On nearly a daily basis I find myself discussing with a potential new client reviewing our Cloud Server offerings that makes a general statement that the price is too high and could we match another offer they found on the Internet.

Often these requests are inclusive of a generic statement that they saw a lower priced offer on social media web site or forum from a competitor that may or may not be named, and may or may not even have a specific online offer, but our potential new client insists we should match the deal to earn their loyalty.


It’s not unheard of for someone to try and negotiate a deal, and sometimes people may bend the facts of a competing offer to see how far they can push  a discount or deal – after all we are living in a Black Friday ‘discount’ society now – year round bargains, and a good deal is front and center in just about any discussion between a customer and a business.  Deals are not just about TV’s and electronics any more – Cloud Services, IT Services, Internet Access – its more and more common to ask for a deal these days on everything,.


Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ suggests “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” – and closing a sale when a potential client looks to you to match their perception of a good deal can be a real battle.  When I see these types of requests I seize the opportunity to showcase what I’m bringing to the table, and that few if any other competitor can come close to the total value being proposed. When I hear a potential client asking if I can “match their price”, I focus on asking the potential client if their other offer can “match what our service provides”.

My response usually looks like this.

Thank you for considering TurnKey Internet’s Cloud Servers – and I appreciate the opportunity to help showcase why we are the best fit for your IT project needs. You asked if we could ‘match’ this other offer you referenced, and I wanted to first clarify to help ensure we are comparing apples to apples (or at least apples to another fruit!)

Does this other competitor offer and provide :

  • A money back guarantee, in writing – do they stand behind what they sell with a written policy?
  • A 100% Service Level Agreement (Uptime, Network, Security, and more) in writing to guarantee your business?
  • Do they Answer the phone – Pick up the phone right now, dial the phone number, does a real person talk to you within 60 seconds?
  • Do they use latest Cloud Technology (watch out for vendors offering cut-throat deals using insecure, or outdated technology like OpenVZ based Clouds).
  • Do they have 3rd party verified reviews about their product / offer or company – including BBB report cards, and public audit / certifications.
  • Do they own, operate, and maintain their own Datacenter, servers, stoarge systems, staff, and infrastructure – or are they just a wholesaler or middleman between you and the people who do the work?
  • Does their offer include Backups at no additional charge?
  • Do they offer free Cloud-Migration assistance ?

While I am not personally familiar with the competitor / offer you mentioned – can they match what TurnKey Internet is offering you in this proposal?  Can they match what we offer – and will they agree to match the quality, service and price that we are offering?  

I understand that you always want the highest confidence in the online partners you choose, and I assure you TurnKey Internet is committed to your online success in every way possible.  I assure you that once you add in the entire scope of our proposal you will see that the our price is not only the best, but the total proposal is the best fit for your long term Cloud Services needs.


While some potential sales negotiations can’t be swayed to avoid the ‘price match’ war, the ones who see the value are the clients that will be there for the long term when you deliver what you promise.  The key is to showcase what you bring to the table – that sets you apart from the competition.  For those who remain price fixated who may choose a different path they may still find their way back to you eventually thanks to leaving them with the positive aspects in mind.



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