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TurnKey Internet’s Top Plays of 2012   1 comment

Posted at Jan 4, 2013 @ 4:41pm New York Datacenter,News,turnkey cloud,Web hosting

Howdy Do, TurnKey Lovers?

It’s your favorite technician, back with another delightful treat. Haha, okay, maybe I should tone down the favoritism. I could be your favorite technician, or it could be any of our other wonderful techs. For the sake of this article, let’s just assume that I’m your number 1 guy.

Another year has come and gone, and what a year it was. That’s what I want to speak to you about today. If you don’t mind, let’s do a bit of reflection for a moment. Let’s take a step into the TurnKey time machine to look at this past year. (No, you can’t buy mine. Get your own.)

2012 has been one hell of a year, and I will give you the TurnKey Top Plays. Think of it like SportsCenter’s Top Plays, but with TurnKey. All of you sport fans should appreciate the top plays. I mean, why else do you watch SportsCenter at 3 in the morning? Okay, okay, I digress. Jeremy, stay on topic. Ah, yes, our Top Plays of the past year…

Let’s begin the countdown at number 5:

5. Welcomed new staff into the TurnKey family

Yes, this makes the Top Plays. We’ve added a few new members to our TurnKey family. I’m sure you’re already familiar with one, Emily Wegener. She’s the lovely lady who edits all of these posts; making us writers/technicians look better at this blogging thing than we are. Another new member of our TurnKey family—even though he doesn’t always stay because of something called “college”—Is Jared Rutnik. Jared helps Emily keep our TurnKey name out there in this delightful world of the Internet. Last but not least, we welcomed another technician, Chris Day.

4. Launched new products across our product lines

While we did launch several new products this year, I would say one of the most fun—yet frustrating—products has to be CloudFlare and Attracta. These services are now included with every sign up for one of our reseller or SEO accounts. It helps our customers not only attain higher page rankings, but it also gives redundancy with CloudFlare, should you need it.

3. Complete overhaul of our Reseller system

Okay, you might be saying, “Why is this in the top 3?” Well, have you ever used ZamFoo? It can be a pain, if you’ve never had the pleasure. While yes, it did provide additional functionality to our resellers, it became very clear that an in-house or custom-built reseller platform would be the way to go. Our new reseller system is a lot easier for end users to navigate, and also provides additional functionality that isn’t included in ZamFoo. For example, changing a site’s IP via ZamFoo can be a confusing process for a reseller. He or she would have to upgrade the account, assign the IP, and then downgrade the account. Our new reseller platform streamlines that process so you can just use the IP manager to change IP’s.

2. Survived Hurricane Sandy

Now, you may be wondering why this made the list, as our data center is in Upstate New York and not down by the coast. Well, many local businesses in our area had severe wind and rain impact. There was flooding all around, and some of our clients were deeply affected by the storm. Providing top-notch support across the board in billing, customer service, and technical support helped to keep some customers’ minds at ease about their hosting. While this might seem trivial, it made a tremendous difference to many of our clients. We were contacted numerous times, to confirm that our data center would survive the storm. Special accommodations were made for users who needed assistance with their billing or support during this difficult time. I’m proud to say that the TurnKey family pulled together and that we all did our best to help by any means we could, even if it was just letting customers pay their bill later so that they could focus on other things.

1. Moved into our new datacenter.

This is easily number one for me. Moving into a new data center while building it can make things a bit hectic. Users’ servers go off-line to be moved, and servers get transported from the old data center to the new one. If you had been here to witness the sheer amount of work that went into the project, you would have been amazed. Well, I know I was. The way the staff pulled together to migrate servers while dealing with the support issues being raised was nothing short of phenomenal. Sure, there were bumps along the way, but we all pitched in, as a team should, and got the job done. It made me proud to be a member of this TurnKey family.

Well there you go, TurnKey lovers. While it may not be a Top 10 list like SportsCenter, it doesn’t diminish the importance of each point.

Until next time…

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The Hosting Dream   2 comments

Posted at Sep 28, 2012 @ 2:51pm Small Business,turnkey cloud,Web hosting

Howdy-do, Turnkey Lovers?

You know, I haven’t spoken with you guys and ladies in quite some time. It’s been too long, and I just wanted to write a post for you. Today, one of my favorite musicians’ latest album came out, and it got me thinking — thinking about what some people consider to be the American Dream.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the story; some lady or gent claws their way from the bottom to the top. It could be figuratively or literally. It could be coming to this country and opening up a chain of gas stations, or coming to this country and opening a chain of hosting companies. While all of that is fine and dandy, I wanted to share with you, Turnkey Internet lovers, my hosting dream.

Now, this dream is mine and mine alone, but I’ve also gathered a bit of information just from dealing with multiple clients on a daily basis. You see, I believe the hosting dream is very similar to the American Dream. I say this, as I work with hundreds of clients who have this idea that they can start a hosting company.

They purchase a Turnkey reseller account, and set up their site to begin. They may then have a developer, or use one of our website development tools, to build and design their site. Dedicated IPs are purchased, and assigned to domain names that have been recently bought through Turnkey’s domain registration. The customer then sets up the reverse DNS (dynamic naming service) to only be in their domain, after which WHMCS or a similar billing product is purchased or provisioned so that orders can be processed.

Next comes the fun part — marketing this new online business. Maybe you create a hosting account on a credible hosting forum to begin making a name for yourself. You may even create social media accounts on sites such as Twitter or Facebook to develop a following. Sure enough, the day comes that you receive that first customer. The beginning of a long journey has arrived.

Support issues will be raised, and need to be addressed quickly and completely to the customers’ satisfaction. Repeat. Repeat, repeat. You repeat until your customer base grows. Your name is mentioned in forums and in social — and possibly your local (newspaper, television, etc.) — media.

You see, that’s my hosting dream. That anyone can deliver a satisfying product to their customers with the correct tools, ambition, proper networking, support, etc. That anyone can provide top-notch support and superior customer service. That, with all of this, you and your budding hosting company can flourish.

That’s my dream and desire for every customer that approaches Turnkey Internet. My hosting dream is for our company to help your company succeed and thrive.

I just thought I should share that with you, as everyone has to have a dream, right? How could we achieve anything in this life if we never have a dream?

From my hosting dream, to your own.

Until next time, Turnkey lovers!

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What Exactly is Reseller Hosting?   2 comments

Posted at Jul 1, 2012 @ 9:15am Web hosting


What exactly is reseller hosting?


Working for a GREAT hosting company, I receive this question quite a bit. Users usually are looking into reseller hosting for one main reason:

1. To make money by reselling hosting

Let’s delve deeper into this reason and look at the pros and cons.

1. To make money reselling hosting

This is one of the main reasons I see customers signing up for our Reseller packages like hot cakes. The average customer have seen, read or heard about people making money by providing users with a place to host their websites.

The sites could range anywhere from a simple static site to a highly, dynamic HTML/PHP laced website that provides ecommerence services to customers. The range is quite large. Well, the beauty about these sites is they need to be hosted somewhere. With that token, someone has to provide the environment for these sites.


That’s where Turnkey Reseller hosting comes into play.

Potential reseller customers, can choose from a myriad of different options ranging from basic hosting packages for a few sites, to large, all encompassing reseller packages for hosting hundreds of sites. You can view more of these reseller options at:

Now with reseller hosting as with any type of hosting, there comes the most important service: SUPPORT!!

Customers won’t just want a stable environment to host their sites, but they are also looking for GREAT support to any issue they may arise. This is what distinguishes hosting companies from one another. Hosting companies with top notch support are usually the companies having the highest customer retention due to HIGH customer service marks. Think about it. If you sign up for turnkey internets reseller package, you want to ensure that not only are you receiving a stable environment, but you would also want to ensure that your customers receive the BEST support they possibly can.

List below are a couple pros and cons of reselling.


  • A reseller account allows you to sell hosting, helping to offset the cost of your server.
  • Allows you to break into the website hosting industry
  • Allows near zero cost investment (no hardware, or software costs)
  • Fully automated software to handle all hosting type operations
  • Outsourced managed support (someone else managing the server for you, so you can focus on your clients and what other items you may provide them with such as Design Services, custom application writing, etc)
  • Managed security and sof tware updates provided to you, and your clients automatically




  • You share space with other clients (more than 1 reseller share physical cpu, network speed, memory etc)
  • End User Support – you  Must provide customer support Higher costs incurred

This is usually accomplished through some helpdesk software, where users submit tickets to your company expecting a timely fix to their issue. This can be a gift and a curse for an up starting hosting company. On one hand, you may have a lot of customers, while on the other hand, you may have a lot of support requests from customers. The balancing act of acquiring more customers while at the same time meeting all support needs for your current and new customers.

This is not an easy feat to pull off. We here at Turnkey pride ourselves on being able to provide top notch customer support to all resellers and their customers, and the fact we bundle FREE end-user support to all your clients, private label (under your brand, name and domain name!) makes you look like a multi-million dollar hosting company with 24  7 support!

It’s one of those staples in the hat. Or is the saying feather in the hat? Either way – it pretty much makes reseller hosting a painless experience for both new comers and pros when they use TurnKey’s reseller hosting packages to start their reseller hosting businesses/.

Until next time you Turnkey lovers.


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Written by Jeremy on July 1st, 2012

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