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Black Friday: Cloud Services Could Save You   no comments

Posted at Sep 7, 2012 @ 2:25pm Holidays,turnkey cloud,Web hosting

Black Friday Shopping Cart

Howdy-do, TurnKey Lovers?

Jeremy here, with another entry for you to gobble up. “Gobble”? Well, that’s a funny use of the word, but it actually deals directly with my current post. The word “gobble” results in thoughts about turkey. Now, this could be due to the fact that I’m hungry. Any reference to food incites a bout of extreme hunger, causing me to crave that 5-piece spicy nugget from Wendy’s that I have left over. But, I digress.

The reason that I mention “gobble” is really to talk about turkey—not TurnKey—but turkey. That, sometimes dry, meat that you have to cook perfectly on Thanksgiving, or start looking for a gallon of water to just get through the meal. Turkey brings us to Thanksgiving; one of the joyous occasions most Americans celebrate every year by engorging themselves with as much food possible, and then passing out an hour later. Ok, that might just be me who does the passing out part…

There is also another GREAT benefit to this time of the year. Have you figured it out yet? Did you even guess? I’ll give you a hint; it’s the day after you recover from stuffing yourself with delectable food. Queue the jeopardy theme song—BLACK FRIDAYYYY!!!

Black Friday isn’t considered a holiday, but with the sheer amount of people out shopping, you would think it was the busiest holiday of the year. I will give you a bit of history on the day Black Friday:

This day, Black Friday, is the official kick-off to the Christmas shopping season. You will see/hear/read about many retailers opening up at 4AM or earlier to accommodate the large rush of customers expecting to find ridiculous deals on different products. Consumers every year look forward to this one day, so that they can purchase those headphones they’ve been eying for months that were a bit too expensive, or that new 50-inch LCD flat screen that they’ve been wanting to hang up over their fireplace since first seeing the ad on television.

To put this in perspective, I’ve included the table below from our good buddy Wikipedia, which depicts the average amount of money that is spent on this day:


Retail Sales

The National Retail Federation releases figures on the sales for each Thanksgiving weekend.

Year Date Survey Published Shoppers, millions Average Spend Total Spend
2011 24-Nov 27-Nov 226m $398.62 $52.5 billion
2010 25-Nov 28-Nov 212m $365.34 $45.0 billion
2009 26-Nov 29-Nov 195m $343.31 $41.2 billion


Now, you may be wondering, “What on Earth does this have to do with hosting?” Well, my friends, we live in a world with a digital economy now, and it seems that everyone and their mother has a website. Almost every major retailer has some sort of ad space where they post their upcoming deals for Black Friday. With so many consumers looking for the best deal, you can imagine that sites will receive heavy traffic spikes due to the demand of finding the best deals.

These large spikes of traffic need to be handled as smoothly as possible, so that retailers and consumers do not experience any downtime during this whirl-wind of a day. Enter stage left—expandable cloud servers, multiple VPS’s (virtual private servers), or another dedicated server to handle the increase of traffic. All of which you can find here, at TurnKey Internet.

Each solution has its unique benefits. For example, let’s say you have a cloud server. On Black Friday, your traffic quadruples. Well, one of the main benefits of a TurnKey cloud is the ability to add more resources without incurring downtime. You could have more RAM allocated, increased disk space, or even increased bandwidth. The scalability is very enticing. Then, after Black Friday has concluded, you can downgrade your cloud server with no issues.

Or, let’s say you purchase an additional TurnKey VPS to handle your increase of traffic. You could then have those extra VPS’s decommissioned. You see, the real winners on Black Friday are the consumers/retailers that plan ahead. They purchase the additional bandwidth or add another server before the day occurs. As my college professor would say, “Prior preparation prevents poor performance.” That could be increasing your Turnkey cloud resources, adding an additional Turnkey VPS, or purchasing a new Turnkey dedicated server ahead of time. That way, you can keep your sales flowing in and your customers happy.

Now, my chicken nuggets are calling. Until next time, TurnKey lovers!


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Sell Voxwire for Huge Profits with No Start-Up Costs!   no comments

Posted at Mar 8, 2011 @ 12:55pm News,voxwire

Today we released the fancy new version of our web conferencing platform, Voxwire Gold, to resellers. This means our customers can now sell Voxwire Gold under their own brand with up to a 50% mark-up in price (read: 50% profit). Voxwire Gold is ENTIRELY brandable, from the platform itself to the instruction manual, training videos and a pre-made website offer page. This is a complete business-in-a-box for the reseller who wants a ready-made SaaS solution to start making profits immediately.

Annual recurring profit from Voxwire Gold

What is So Great about Voxwire Gold?

Voxwire Gold is an impressive piece of work–from it’s flash-based architecture (cross-browser, no downloads) to it’s high-definition video, file sharing, remote desktop control, recording, and seamless integration of documents, presentations and video. Show attendees a streaming video while providing your own simultaneous voice-over. Hold a training webinar to train new employees without having to travel. Teach a class, provide technical support, hold a board meeting, and do it all remotely. Brick-and-mortar establishments charge thousands of dollars for the use of their conference rooms and meeting facilities. Offer that to your customers for $49/month. The value of Voxwire Gold is undeniable for an easy sell, every time.

Web conferencing is a 1.3 billion dollar industry for a reason: it increases efficiency while saving businesses money. This makes it an easy sell for resellers with a huge potential for profit.

A word from our President and CEO Adam Wills:

“We are excited to be able to offer our reseller clients a product in such high demand that can be branded and packaged so easily. We’ve put together a complete package with all the tools a reseller will need to bring this innovative, green-friendly communication platform to market. This is a true ‘turnkey’ product that allows our resellers to start making sales from day one.”

Adam’s right–this product epitomizes our mission here at TurnKey Internet. The entire sales arc can be accomplished in minutes. You can be signed up with your own product and your own branded website immediately. You can make your first sale right away. And there is absolutely no start-up cost, which means there is no risk. Voxwire Gold Reseller Edition comes with a WHMCS billing system plugin, so you can start keeping immaculate customer transaction records automatically. It also comes with a private label control panel for managing clients’ accounts.

The Benefits of Private Branding

This is your business with your name. Just as many large companies resell web hosting under their own company name, you can resell web conferencing under yours. Set up a viable, profitable business with no overhead and creatively brand it with your own company name, logo and brand identity. The company is completely in your hands. You decide who you want to sell to. You decide on your own target demographic. Sell Voxwire Gold to colleagues, friends on a forum you frequent, or to businesses right in your own community. Wherever you see a need for web conferencing, YOU supply the product and YOU make the profit.

Private Branding

Offer a Free Trial

We have lowered the profit barrier even further by providing our resellers with the opportunity to offer their clients 7-day free trials of Voxwire Gold. The service starts at just $20/month for resellers. With a suggested retail value of $49/month, you can more than double your money with each sale. You have complete freedom to raise or lower your prices as you see fit.

Learn more or SIGN UP TODAY!

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Written by admin on March 8th, 2011

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Using Web Conferencing as a Marketing Tool   no comments

Posted at Feb 14, 2011 @ 5:46pm TurnKey Marketing,voxwire

While most people tend to think of web conferencing as a tool for connecting with remote colleagues, there are astounding possibilities for using web conferencing for marketing new products to potential and existing customers. For many businesses, especially those selling goods and services online, one of the biggest barriers to sales is education. If you sell a software-as-a-service product, for example, and your clientele doesn’t really understand what your product is and how it can benefit them, they’re not buying. Overcome this barrier with an instructional interactive webinar!

Demonstrate Your Product
A product demo is easy with an online conferencing tool that allows you to stream video and screen share. Voxwire Gold Web Conferencing has these capabilities, enabling you to show your clients, in real time, how your product works and what it can do for them. Use images from your clients’ websites, incorporate audio and video and dazzle them with a full-blown sales presentation from the comfort of your office. While many people won’t make the time to travel for a product demo, they will sit through a short presentation online.

You can use Voxwire this way even if you’re selling big-ticket items like real estate. Upload images of houses for a virtual tour. Walk potential buyers through rooms without having to meet in person. This saves you time and money, and will help whittle down the potential buyers to the real serious customers.

You don’t have to do these webinars live either. Prepare a demo and record it. Then post a link on your site for new potential customers to learn about your product first-hand.

Interact with Clients
Sales videos are great, but only if customers actively watch. There is no way to guarantee they will with traditional video and, more than that, there is no way to guarantee that they’ll click on your link or follow up. With an interactive sales webinar, you can talk with customers while you show them your products. You can show your video in the window and talk over it, or pause to add detail. You can invite participants to enter text chat questions that you can address as you go, or even invite them to connect with video for a face-to-face conversation.

Host an Event
Everyday webinars are wonderful sales tools, but you can up the stakes by hosting your own online conference within the Voxwire interface. Invite up to 1,000 attendees to sit in on your presentation. Welcome all of them to contribute comments via text chat, or highlight specific attendees by awarding them moderator privileges mid-meeting. Large events like this attract a larger number of attendees than individual instructional webinars, and they create industry buzz in the process. Create a double-edged campaign with a regular weekly meeting and then a large, once every few months, webinar. Invite colleagues to present their own new products, and bring the marketplace to you.

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Written by admin on February 14th, 2011

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Take a Lesson from Your Resolutions   no comments

Posted at Jan 11, 2011 @ 3:56pm Web hosting

Many of us make resolutions at the new year, but how many of us really stick with them? I spend a lot of time psyching myself up to go the gym more, but it usually takes about a month for me to fall right back in to my old routine. The schedule usually goes something like this:

Gym Week 1) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Gym Week 2) Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday
Gym Week 3) Tuesday, Friday
Gym Week 4) Tuesday

I’m not a failure, thank you very much. In fact, I’m a very driven person. I think my main problem is that I don’t pace myself and I’m not patient. As a group, entrepreneurs don’t tend to be a patient lot. We want to see results and we want them now. Unfortunately, when we don’t see them right away, we may move on to something else, thinking our current plan is not working. Much of the time though, it would have worked, if we’d just stuck with it.

The Nature of Habits
Habits take time to form. To return to my previous example, sports medicine doctors say it takes about 21 days to form an exercising habit. That’s how long it takes for your body to adjust to the increased activity and start producing endorphins, the chemical behind the runner’s high. Once you have those endorphins flowing, you actually look forward to the workout because your body craves the chemicals. That is the point where the chore becomes the habit. In business, this length of time varies tremendously with the nature of the project, but the same principle applies. You start with a business plan. Let’s say that plan involves SEO of your site and building backlinks to drive traffic. It may take weeks before you make that first sale. Then it may take more weeks before you make the second sale. Eventually, however, that traffic will net you more and more sales, word of mouth will bring you more traffic, and your business will be taking off. At that point the profit will be motivating you to keep going, and the chore will become a habit.

How do you form a habit without burning out?
Pace yourself. Develop a business plan that involves a series of manageable tasks you perform each day. Don’t get too ambitious right at the beginning. Don’t set gigantic goals for yourself—work sale to sale. For each sale you make, study how it happened. Where did the traffic come from? How can you get more traffic from that place? If you have to keep several projects going at once to stay interested, that’s fine, but be sure to tend to each one each day. Slow and steady wins the race for a reason.

Daily Achievement

With small goals, you can achieve something tangible each day. This small motivation will keep you moving forward without feeling discouraged. Small steps also give you the opportunity to fine tune your process as you work. There is no sure thing in business, and having the flexibility to tweak things to respond to what works will make your business versatile and market relevant.

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Written by admin on January 11th, 2011

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Happy New Year from TurnKey Internet   no comments

Posted at Jan 11, 2011 @ 1:32pm TurnKey Marketing,Web hosting

Congratulations! You made it through 2010, a tough year for business. Our mission is to help businesses grow, and that has been harder over the past few years than ever before, as more and more people are out of work, and the sluggish economy keeps them from bouncing back. But there are still people out there doing well, and they are doing well because they are innovators and because they run their businesses smart. When economic times are tough, making the most of what you have becomes vitally important.
That is why we spent 2010 developing new tools for our clients so they can better serve theirs.

So far in 2011, we have seen the continued growth of our software-as-a-service products. These products are affordable, ready-to-use business growth tools that many of our clients have quickly and seamlessly incorporated into their day-to-day business operations. While there are many companies out there that offer a single business solution, we provide all of these tools in one place. It is our belief that our clients prefer to get everything they need at once–hosting, newsletter, backups, mail, conferencing, and more–for one low monthly price. Not only is this convenient, it streamlines business operations and saves considerable time and money. Each of our business solutions is a top-notch product that can compete and win in it’s niche. Together, our products provide a comprehensive tool box for the business entrepreneur.

We continue to believe in the ingenuity and perseverance of small business owners—the life blood of our economy. As a business serving small businesses, we are always interested to hear about the unique challenges facing you as you continue to grow in 2011. The more we know about you, the better able we will be to develop new products and services tailored to what you need most.

We look forward to helping you grow your business in 2011.

Learn more about our business bundle:

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Written by admin on January 11th, 2011

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The TurnKey Technology Grant   no comments

Posted at Dec 14, 2010 @ 2:24pm News

This holiday season, the airwaves are full of hardship stories. So many good companies that help people are going under because they just can’t afford to keep themselves going. Many of these companies are experiencing the vicious cycle:

– Money problems lead them to cut back on marketing efforts
– Cutting back on marketing efforts stalls growth
– Stalled growth limits opportunities for funding and expansion
– Money problems get worse

This cycle happens again and again because the last thing a company wants to do when money is tight, is spend money on expanding the business. Unless these companies get help, this cycle brings them down, and fast. This happens in all types of business, but it is especially prevalent for non-profits and educational institutions that rely on donations, grants and other sources of funding for operation costs. Those funding sources are driven by outreach. Without the outreach, the organization loses visibility and with it goes legitimacy. When your funding depends on your presence, losing that presence ruins your business.

We realized that our business solutions do the one thing these organizations need: grow businesses. But we were seeing a lot of our non-profit clients fall by the wayside because of budgetary hardship. We are in a unique position to provide lifeblood services to stagnating businesses, and we’re doing just that.

This holiday season, TurnKey Internet launched the TurnKey Technology Grant to address this problem by providing these companies with the tools they need to bolster their image, communicate with members and market new projects. With the TurnKey Technology Grant, TurnKey Internet hopes to help organizations that help people–to further their missions while keeping their companies strong and vibrant in their communities.

The TurnKey Technology Grant is worth over $5000 and provides the recipient with 10 premium business solutions including: TurnKeyWebsite, TurnKey Newsletter, Voxwire web conferencing, TurnKeyVault, TurnKeyMail, TurnKey Monitoring, TurnKey Blog Hosting, TurnKeyDesk, TurnKeyVPN and TurnKey Virtual Office.

All of these solutions are easy-to-use and include detailed instructions and support. Combined, they cover all the business visibility basics—from inter-office organization and efficiency (platforms for collaboration, storage, backups, mail, and networking) to marketing outreach (newsletters, webinars and blogs). These solutions can transform a business, literally, overnight, from one with little to no presence, to a savvy front-and-center contender in the online marketplace.

TurnKey Technology Grants are available to non-profit organizations, accredited public and private educational institutions and individual classroom teachers. To learn more and apply, visit:

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Written by admin on December 14th, 2010

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Make the Sale with TurnKey Commerce   no comments

Posted at Dec 14, 2010 @ 2:19pm News,TurnKey Marketing

E-commerce is a ubiquitous tool in the online marketplace, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find a platform that works well, let alone one that is easy to use and has good back-end support. If you think about it, your e-commerce platform is just as important as the rest of your website. It may even be more important!

Once a customer reaches your store, chances are good they’ve decided to make a purchase. Your website has done its job, and you are about to make a sale, but you’re not home free. If your store is confusing, unattractive or makes your customer feel unsafe, all your hard work may go right out the window. Consumers are used to a certain standard for online stores, and anything less won’t fly. Would you risk your credit card information in an online store you didn’t trust? I sure wouldn’t.

It’s clear that professional, clean, secure e-commerce solutions are critically important for online success—so which one do you choose? Surely there are many options out there, but you probably don’t want to just try one and hope for the best. Unless you have the luxury of lost clientele, you’ll likely want a solution you can stick with. You’ll likely want a solution you can set up easily, without a steep learning curve. I can’t help but suggest TurnKey Commerce.

TurnKey Commerce offers a free 14-day trial, so I signed up to try it so I could write an informed post for our customers. I’d never seen the interface before and was interested to see how long it would take to start actually doing business. I can honestly say the process was fast, easy and fun—that’s right: setting up an online store was fun. The thing I enjoyed the most was playing with the templates, and configuring my store items. Even though I work for a company that specializes in easy online solutions, this particular solution seemed too good to be true and it was a shock that I was actually able to create a functioning, professional-looking store so quickly.

Really though, whether you choose TurnKey Commerce or another e-commerce solution, make sure you have back-end support, and that the solution works securely before you open it to the public. Your business depends on it. Learn more:

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TurnKey Website Arrives!   no comments

Posted at Oct 5, 2010 @ 12:34pm News

Today I am very excited to be able to announce our newest software-as-a-service solution: TurnKey Website! TurnKey Website is an easy-to-use website builder that will save businesses thousands of dollars in web design costs. It includes over 1,000 different design templates you can completely customize in minutes. It also comes with tons of web applications (like blog, SitePal, image gallery, guestbook, forum, feedback, RSS reader and more), traffic reports, a free domain name AND ecommerce shop pages! Of course, all of this is backed by our world-class 24×7 support.

But I’ve Never Made a Website Before!
For those of you who may feel a little bit timid about leaping into designing your own company website, I completely understand where you’re coming from. As a former small business owner myself, I remember feeling completely overwhelmed by both the cost of hiring a designer, and the steep learning curve of figuring out how to do it myself. I ended up spending many hours that I didn’t really have to design my site. In the end it was functional, but it wasn’t pretty, and my company’s reputation suffered. If I had had TurnKey Website back then, who knows how my business would have done!

Video Tutorials
If you have never used a website builder before, you will probably benefit from watching our short tutorials that demonstrate the software and illustrate, quickly and easily, how you can use it to build your own business website. Everything in TurnKey Website is customizable. You pick colors, include your logo and edit all the text. If you watch the tutorials and follow the easy step-by-step instructions, you will be amazed how much functionality you suddenly find at your fingertips.

The Highest Quality: Professional Results Every Time
The first time I tried TurnKey Website, I was shocked by the quality of the templates. They look extremely professional—in fact, many “professional” designers use similar templates for their projects—projects that bring in thousands of dollars for the designers. The only difference between those designers and you is that they know how to use the software! To be fair, a lot of the web design software out there is extremely convoluded and confusing, and it’s worth it to hire an expert—figuring it out yourself would be worth the money, and more! But TurnKey Website isn’t hard to figure out. It makes sense! In fact, you could learn it in 30 minutes and then turn around and sell your design services to the next guy! Seriously. It’s that easy and that good.

And There’s More
Beyond just the design of your website, TurnKey Website includes tons of added programs to build your online presence—from ecommerce tools to images, from blogging to flash intro pages. Once you understand the basics, you can set up an online store in minutes, and start taking credit card payments right away.

Give it a Shot
Try TurnKey Website today and we know you will be amazed with what you can do, and super pleased by the price tag (only $7.95/month). And with our free 30-day money back guarantee, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. How often does that happen?

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Written by admin on October 5th, 2010

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How TurnKeyMail Changes Everything   no comments

Posted at Sep 14, 2010 @ 11:41am News,Web hosting

How many times have you suffered through the embarrassment of a missed appointment or a deadline? How many times have you forgotten an important file for a business meeting? Nothing makes an employee look worse than being unprepared. It is a huge challenge keeping up with the lightning pace of business when your tools, reminders and data are floating all over the electronic ether. As someone with her fair share of ADD and a penchant for doing a million things at once, I can attest to the personal toll my unconsolidated data storage habits have taken on my sanity and professional development. For these reasons and more, TurnKeyMail has been a game changer.

I’ve tried appointment books, wall calendars, outlook tasks, desktop schedulers, post-it notes on my bathroom mirror—I’ve even tied a literal string around my literal finger and forgotten what it was there for. For a girl who wants to make it in the IT industry, being scattered is a fatal flaw. Enter: TurnKeyMail.

Yes, I’m a TurnKey Internet employee, and it is possible that my loyalties are somewhat biased, but I can’t underestimate how much easier my life has become with all of my business files, appointments, projects and correspondence in one place. It’s kind of like having a personal assistant keeping track of me. In the same way that a mail search function allows you to be totally disorganized and still find things, TurnKey Mail’s follow-up flagging, email and task linking and file storage allow you to keep every appointment, deadline and file in order and ready at a moment’s notice.

The word of the day is “synchronization.” Sure, everyone is talking about the cloud but how many people do you know who are actually seamlessly synchronized—computer to phone to iPod to iPad to Outlook to server? By synchronized, I don’t just mean online. Plenty of people with smartphones can check email via a web browser, but can they access their files? Can they pull up that video presentation from their home computer and that excel file from their work computer and that css file from their server, from wherever they may be, anytime? Are they going to be reminded, simultaneously, by their phone, ipod, home computer and work computer about that Monday morning meeting they scheduled three months ago?

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. It is supposed to protect us from our own human frailties, make us more efficient, faster, more agile, less responsible for keeping every detail in our brains every second. So much of the time technology has the exact opposite effect—it makes our lives more confusing, scattered, broken and frustrating. The whole mission of TurnKey Internet is to make life easier, to make business easier. A TurnKey solution is a ready-made, all-in-one, user-friendly solution, not just another technological road-block. For me, TurnKeyMail has truly lived up to its name. It has made my life easier. It has made me more efficient. Above all, it has done what technology is supposed to do: step in to help with the things we find difficult. Now I can focus on the things I’m good at instead of stressing over the things I’m not.

Watch the TurnKey Mail Video:

play button turnkey mail

Learn more about TurnKey Mail

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Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service   1 comment

Posted at Sep 14, 2010 @ 11:18am News,Web hosting

Cloud computing has become increasingly popular, even while many people (industry leaders included) continue to waffle about exactly how it should be defined. The basic consensus is that cloud computing is ubiquitous, offering resources to many users at a time, over the Internet. It doesn’t matter where, geographically the programs or applications themselves reside because they are all plugged into the cloud. Everything is available remotely, from anywhere. While the cloud is often confused with the grid (think the SETI@home project) the cloud is differentiated by its infinite scalability: it can grow as big as you need it to be, quickly, without any interruption of service. Of course, grid computing and cloud computing are not mutually exclusive, but cloud always allows for multiple users while grid does not (though grids can be used for cloud computing if they are multi-use enabled—confused yet?)

Cloud computing has grown in popularity with the rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Numbered are the days of downloaded software. SaaS lives in the cloud, making it remotely accessible to multiple users with scalable juice. It allows you to run complex programs and processes without having the firepower of a super high RAM computer. SaaS is easy to implement and requires no big up-front investment. It is also perfectly suited to today’s business professionals who use multiple computers and portable devices to work on collaborative projects.

One of the many benefits of the SaaS cloud is that software licenses are issued to individuals instead of to computers. This means an individual can access a program from any device. This removes the tethers—it gives every person the freedom to work from anywhere on any project. It enables small businesses to maintain completely remote offices, resulting in huge savings and increased productivity.

The SaaS cloud also reduces costs and hassles associated with software problems, maintenance and support. SaaS is the responsibility of the company providing the licenses, not the individual. How many software problems are caused by conflicting programs, insufficient hardware or simple employee error? SaaS eliminates these risks.

As businesses have enjoyed the many benefits of SaaS, many companies have focused their efforts on developing new SaaS business products for more efficiency and ease of use. Since we are in the business of making businesses more efficient (and easier to run and manage) the last few months have seen us roll out our own line of SaaS products. We pay very close attention to the needs of our business clients. Through feedback, reviews and our own business experience we have developed tools that combine the best of all possible worlds: features, efficiency, ease of use, attractiveness and speed. So far we have launched TurnKey Newsletter and TurnKeyMail, two SaaS solutions that provide necessary cloud infrastructure tools to businesses. As the fall gets underway, we will be launching more TurnKey SaaS solutions that will grow our clients’ businesses over the coming months. Bring your business up to speed quickly, easily and for less than you’re paying now. [Learn more].

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Written by admin on September 14th, 2010

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