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Posted at Mar 19, 2010 @ 5:14pm News

Recently the company Canon announced that it will be buying its own top-level domain, which means its web pages will end with .canon.  If Canon can successful buy it, the .canon top-level domain (TLD) will open as soon as late 2011.  With this TLD, Internet users will be able to navigate to “http://canon” to reach its website and Canon employees could create e-mail addresses like “Abbey@canon.”  Recently, in a press release, the company has said, “Canon hopes to globally integrate open communication policies that are intuitive and easier to remember compared with existing domain names such as ‘’

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has loosened restrictions this year, making it possible to create new TLDs.  The rules regarding TLD ownership will not be finalized until the middle of 2011.  Currently, ICANN has the TLD application fee set at $185,000.  However, fees can increase if there are disputes and multiple organizations apply for the same name.  In these cases, the name would go to the highest bidder. 

Rob Beckstrom, the CEO of ICANN, has stated, “One of the least innovative spaces in the Internet is the global top-level domains.  It’s an anomaly.  When the Internet opens up, then there is innovation.”  The new CEO plans to make the approval process for new domains quicker.  Along with Canon, Beckstrom predicts that one hundred of the most popular websites would eventually apply for their own TLD.  In addition to these TLDs, Beckstrom plans on reinstating the approval of the “.XXX” domain for pornographic websites.  He is also proposing that cities receive their own TLD and other languages get their own domains in their own language using language-specific characters.  He believes it will preserve local cultures and promote global interconnection.

Many people are criticizing Beckstrom that his new plans for the Internet are inspired by greedy motives.  Opponents claim that with all these new domain name possibilities, ICANN will make even more money from domain registration fees, and in turn, Beckstrom will be a richer man.  Beckstrom reinforces this is not the case and stands behind his statement that “adding more TLDS will add innovation.”

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Written by admin on March 19th, 2010

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