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The Adventures of The TurnKing – Here, Hold This.   no comments

Oct 31, 2013 @ 9:07am TurnKey Kronicles

The Adventures of The TurnKing

TurnKing_Vol5-01As Vint and Leif continue their journey, they finally find the key-sword to fight against the DDoS Dragon! They also meet a new friend.

Past Volumes


After being abducted by the deadly Ban-dits, Vint and Leif safely continue their journey. This time around they need to get a special shield in order to kill off the DDoS Dragon!


In honor of Leif Erikson Day yesterday, we would like to introduce Volume 3 of our TurnKey Kronicles! In this volume, Vint and his sidekick Lief are off on their journey to stop the DDoS Dragon from destroying their city, Cloudtopia. They run into a minor technical difficulty, where they are greeted by some unfriendly travelers.

TurnKing_Vol2-01 (1)

Young Vint and his friend Leif go to the city’s merchant to see if they can get some weapons to fight off the evil DDoS Dragon and it’s bots. The merchant gives them a magical firewall and explains to them that this is not all they need! Check back next week for chapter 3 of this epic tale!


Young Vint dreams of saving his town from a DDoS attack by the DDoS Dragon and his bots! Check back next week for chapter 2 of this epic tale!

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Written by Dylan on October 31st, 2013

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