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Apr 19, 2011 @ 12:23pm turnkey cloud,Web hosting

Cloud computing is relatively new for most business users. As we have begun talking to our clients about the possibilities of the cloud for their businesses, we’ve found many of them are concerned about the safety of their data. Regardless of the actual safety of having a server in your office (and we know that it’s not very safe at all considering the possibility of theft, disaster or hardware failure) simply having the information physically close makes people feel safe. It’s a perceived security, but it’s a powerful perception.

The truth is, information in the cloud is far more secure than information in the office. While “the cloud” makes it sound like the information is floating around somewhere, subject to the whims of the Internet, in reality the information is stored in a physical server inside a secure datacenter. Servers in datacenters (if they are anything like ours) are protected by physical boundaries like thick walls and security cameras and biometrics. They are also protected by virtual boundaries like firewalls and passwords. Then, to top it off, they are protected by backups, so you can restore any lost data immediately. In the TurnKey Cloud, backups are encrypted, adding yet another level of security. You can even completely restore your entire operating system keeping all of your stored settings intact. You can control your entire account remotely, including remote reboots.

In the end, if you’re concerned about the security of your data, cloud hosting is the best possible option. While it may seem new and dangerous, it is designed with businesses in mind—providing the kind of security and accessibility that has never been available before. In addition to all that, it’s cheaper and more efficient than housing your own infrastructure in-house. At TurnKey, we see this as a no-brainer.

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Written by admin on April 19th, 2011

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