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Benefits of Colocation – How it Can Help Your Business   no comments

Sep 20, 2013 @ 1:05pm Web hosting

Collage2Colocation is a hosting service offered by major data centers that provides companies a place to host their servers and other IT hardware in a high-tech facility. Whether it’s a small company that doesn’t want to hire an entire tech team, a large company that wants the stability of a data center, or a company somewhere in between, “colocation” is beginning to catch the attention of all types of businesses!

Here’s some semi- in-depth benefits for your reading pleasure!





In a typical office IT environment, if a company quickly needs to increase bandwidth or add physical space to the office, they could wait weeks or months. When their infrastructure is located in a colocation facility, they can turn up huge amounts of bandwidth within minutes or hours. Bandwidth capacity that can be more than 10,000 times that of a typical office cable Internet connection is readily available!


Adding more servers? Bring ‘em in!


Business can be 24×7. Being down for minutes or an hour can spell disaster. Imagine an organization’s IT infrastructure down for a day or a week while the power’s down due to a storm.  This disrupts potential clients from accessing their servers! In a colocation facility, IT infrastructure is housed in a redundant, high-speed Internet-connected facility, with continuous power provided by industrial UPS battery systems and on-site diesel generators for emergency backups.

winterWe are in Upstate New York, so we know a little about harsh winter storms and how to get through them securely!



Businesses can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, to have the same up-time capabilities of the enterprise grade power and cooling systems at their own office. Fiber optic lines, connecting to major internet hubs across the world are not purchased for pennies either!  Add in redundancy to their office, and businesses are paying tens of thousands of dollars a year, where in a colocation facility, in might only cost $100 a month.

AngledWiresWe just added fiber optics to 60 Hudson in New York City and have extended our footprint drastically!



With colocation, businesses can get the confidence knowing that the facility may be secured with video cameras, 24×7 on-site staff, physical barrier access to the computers, as well as biometric scanning at all access points and more!  Some facilities are even SSAE 16 certified (LIKE OURS!). Certain businesses even require a SSAE 16 certification. Here, they can colocate their equipment and benefit from the SSAE 16 compliance already in place to avoid costly and time-consuming auditing of your own in-office facility.

leafeThis is our office plant, Leif Erikson! He protects the data center with his shield and sword… along with all our actual security measures!



With Colocation, businesses own their equipment – the data center has physical security covered. Since they own the equipment, only their staff has access to the data. Unlike typical web hosting situations, where their data may me stored on a shared server, they will be the only ones with access to their data. The company can control privacy policies and allow access to certain people.

brianssssNeed some help? Call our techs that are on 24/7/365. Give us a few minutes notice and our team will happily and securely get you in!

So there you have it! A quick guide to why colocation can rock your socks.


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Written by admin on September 20th, 2013

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