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Web Conferencing for Profit: Employee Training and Technical Support   1 comment

Posted at Feb 15, 2011 @ 12:27pm voxwire

This month I’ve written a lot about how web conferencing can help you market your company, save money and streamline your business operations. The truth is, web conferencing is an extremely versatile tool for many different aspects of online business, and, if used creatively, it can vastly improve your bottom line. This isn’t just true for marketing and employee meetings, it’s also true for business training, and providing tech support, two significant expenses that are often overlooked when businesses are looking to save money.

Employee Training
Training employees to prepare them for working in your industry can take a lot of time and money, especially if your business is technical or heavily regulated. Many businesses send employees off for weeks of training before they step in the front door. Those businesses are paying travel expenses, they are paying instructors to teach, and they are paying those employees to learn. What if you could pay once, for a series of presentations, and be done with it? With web conferencing, you can.

Hire your experts to create a series of training webinars that cover all of the aspects of your business operations. Record those webinars and link to the recordings from your website. Send new employees the URL and ask them to watch the webinars. When they are finished, host a live meeting with a seasoned employee to answer any questions and go over anything they don’t understand. This will streamline your training process, while providing company information in one place for easy reference. If your business handles sensitive or proprietary information that you can’t post publicly, you can still save money on travel expenses by hosting your training via the conferencing platform rather than in person. By having new employees connect with live video, you can teach them face-to-face, maintaining the in-class atmosphere that promotes attentiveness and focus.

Technical Support
If you have a business that provides technical support, you never have to make another house call with Voxwire Gold. With Voxwire, you can connect to your customer’s computer remotely and take control of their OS, while they watch. This means, you can go in and make changes, demonstrate a software product and show them exactly what you’re doing while you explain it, in real time. You will never again have to verbally walk someone through dialog boxes and login screens while they click on the wrong thing. Taking control means getting things done quickly, efficiently and to your customer’s satisfaction. It will lower your operation costs while making your customers happier. Happy customers bring more customers and help you build your business. Everybody wins.

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