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Sell Voxwire for Huge Profits with No Start-Up Costs!   no comments

Posted at Mar 8, 2011 @ 12:55pm News,voxwire

Today we released the fancy new version of our web conferencing platform, Voxwire Gold, to resellers. This means our customers can now sell Voxwire Gold under their own brand with up to a 50% mark-up in price (read: 50% profit). Voxwire Gold is ENTIRELY brandable, from the platform itself to the instruction manual, training videos and a pre-made website offer page. This is a complete business-in-a-box for the reseller who wants a ready-made SaaS solution to start making profits immediately.

Annual recurring profit from Voxwire Gold

What is So Great about Voxwire Gold?

Voxwire Gold is an impressive piece of work–from it’s flash-based architecture (cross-browser, no downloads) to it’s high-definition video, file sharing, remote desktop control, recording, and seamless integration of documents, presentations and video. Show attendees a streaming video while providing your own simultaneous voice-over. Hold a training webinar to train new employees without having to travel. Teach a class, provide technical support, hold a board meeting, and do it all remotely. Brick-and-mortar establishments charge thousands of dollars for the use of their conference rooms and meeting facilities. Offer that to your customers for $49/month. The value of Voxwire Gold is undeniable for an easy sell, every time.

Web conferencing is a 1.3 billion dollar industry for a reason: it increases efficiency while saving businesses money. This makes it an easy sell for resellers with a huge potential for profit.

A word from our President and CEO Adam Wills:

“We are excited to be able to offer our reseller clients a product in such high demand that can be branded and packaged so easily. We’ve put together a complete package with all the tools a reseller will need to bring this innovative, green-friendly communication platform to market. This is a true ‘turnkey’ product that allows our resellers to start making sales from day one.”

Adam’s right–this product epitomizes our mission here at TurnKey Internet. The entire sales arc can be accomplished in minutes. You can be signed up with your own product and your own branded website immediately. You can make your first sale right away. And there is absolutely no start-up cost, which means there is no risk. Voxwire Gold Reseller Edition comes with a WHMCS billing system plugin, so you can start keeping immaculate customer transaction records automatically. It also comes with a private label control panel for managing clients’ accounts.

The Benefits of Private Branding

This is your business with your name. Just as many large companies resell web hosting under their own company name, you can resell web conferencing under yours. Set up a viable, profitable business with no overhead and creatively brand it with your own company name, logo and brand identity. The company is completely in your hands. You decide who you want to sell to. You decide on your own target demographic. Sell Voxwire Gold to colleagues, friends on a forum you frequent, or to businesses right in your own community. Wherever you see a need for web conferencing, YOU supply the product and YOU make the profit.

Private Branding

Offer a Free Trial

We have lowered the profit barrier even further by providing our resellers with the opportunity to offer their clients 7-day free trials of Voxwire Gold. The service starts at just $20/month for resellers. With a suggested retail value of $49/month, you can more than double your money with each sale. You have complete freedom to raise or lower your prices as you see fit.

Learn more or SIGN UP TODAY!

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Written by admin on March 8th, 2011

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Web Conferencing for Profit: Employee Training and Technical Support   1 comment

Posted at Feb 15, 2011 @ 12:27pm voxwire

This month I’ve written a lot about how web conferencing can help you market your company, save money and streamline your business operations. The truth is, web conferencing is an extremely versatile tool for many different aspects of online business, and, if used creatively, it can vastly improve your bottom line. This isn’t just true for marketing and employee meetings, it’s also true for business training, and providing tech support, two significant expenses that are often overlooked when businesses are looking to save money.

Employee Training
Training employees to prepare them for working in your industry can take a lot of time and money, especially if your business is technical or heavily regulated. Many businesses send employees off for weeks of training before they step in the front door. Those businesses are paying travel expenses, they are paying instructors to teach, and they are paying those employees to learn. What if you could pay once, for a series of presentations, and be done with it? With web conferencing, you can.

Hire your experts to create a series of training webinars that cover all of the aspects of your business operations. Record those webinars and link to the recordings from your website. Send new employees the URL and ask them to watch the webinars. When they are finished, host a live meeting with a seasoned employee to answer any questions and go over anything they don’t understand. This will streamline your training process, while providing company information in one place for easy reference. If your business handles sensitive or proprietary information that you can’t post publicly, you can still save money on travel expenses by hosting your training via the conferencing platform rather than in person. By having new employees connect with live video, you can teach them face-to-face, maintaining the in-class atmosphere that promotes attentiveness and focus.

Technical Support
If you have a business that provides technical support, you never have to make another house call with Voxwire Gold. With Voxwire, you can connect to your customer’s computer remotely and take control of their OS, while they watch. This means, you can go in and make changes, demonstrate a software product and show them exactly what you’re doing while you explain it, in real time. You will never again have to verbally walk someone through dialog boxes and login screens while they click on the wrong thing. Taking control means getting things done quickly, efficiently and to your customer’s satisfaction. It will lower your operation costs while making your customers happier. Happy customers bring more customers and help you build your business. Everybody wins.

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Albany Snow Gives Voxwire Gold a Trial-by-Fire   no comments

Posted at Feb 2, 2011 @ 12:06pm News

Today was the day we were all set to launch our new online business product, Voxwire Gold. Of course this would be the day of Albany’s biggest snow storm in years. With the entire office stuck at home, we were struck by the irony of the situation. The product we were slated to release is a web conferencing platform, designed to help employees connect remotely from anywhere. So, what started as a product launch date turned out to be a trial by fire.

We all connected to Voxwire Gold from home to discuss our plans for the day. We even showed each other the piles of snow outside our windows and watched a new product video by our creative director. By the end of the meeting, everyone had his or her day laid out, and we were all on the same page. Without that Voxwire Gold meeting, my home work day would certainly have been less productive. Seeing my colleagues out their doing their jobs motivated me to get down to business and do mine.

Bring on the snow, Albany! No matter how buried we are, we’re going to get things done.

The product launch is happening as we speak, despite the storm. You can read the press release for more information, or visit our Voxwire Gold website.

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Written by admin on February 2nd, 2011

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Voxwire Web Conferencing Goes Gold   1 comment

Posted at Feb 2, 2011 @ 11:10am News

With our recent release of Voxwire Gold, our fabulous and flashy new web conferencing platform, I’ve been talking a lot about the ways Voxwire Gold can be used for marketing, training, making businesses more efficient and profitable, and distance learning. In a nutshell, Voxwire Gold is an all-inclusive cloud-based service, which means you don’t need any hardware or software to run the system—it all takes place virtually. It doesn’t matter if you have a Mac or a PC, Firefox or Internet Explorer, Voxwire Gold will work. There are so many useful features in the new system that make meetings more dynamic, productive and entertaining. Plus, the interface is sleek and professional—it’s quality that will bolster the image of any company that uses it.

In addition to the obvious benefits of online meetings—reduced travel expenditures, green-friendly business operations—there are so many intangibles that I’m just starting to recognize. The more your employees use a service like Voxwire Gold, the more connected they feel to each other and to clients. The regular face-to-face time via Voxwire Gold can be even more productive than an in-person meeting. Since you don’t have the distractions of the physical space, you’re all focused sharply on the meeting itself.

The more I talk about Voxwire Gold the more I realize just how versatile this platform is, and how few businesses are thinking outside the box when it comes to communicating and collaborating with colleagues and clients. Finding innovative ways to engage is what keeps a business vibrant and helps it to thrive, no matter what the challenges. While web conferencing as a concept is not new, an interface like this absolutely is.

Communicate and Collaborate with Employees

Keeping in close touch with your employees can be difficult, especially when they are working remotely. Even for offices with no remote workers, employees may travel for business and be out of the office for extended periods of time. Talking on the phone just isn’t enough. You may need to go over a presentation, or discuss a profit chart, or you may just prefer to have a meeting face-to-face. With Voxwire, you can share documents including streaming video, collaborate on a whiteboard and talk face-to-face from anywhere in the world. The more you use it, the more it feels like second nature. Some of our clients are using Voxwire with people in the same office, to demonstrate a new piece of software, or go through a presentation. As it becomes integrated into your day-to-day activities, you will marvel that you ever managed to get work done without it.

Webinars and Online Events

Webinars are a powerful marketing tool. They allow you to make a full presentation, complete with slides, Powerpoint presentations and online video, to large numbers of clients or leads. Many web conferencing platforms allow for large-scale webinars, but if your participants are required to download software, many of them won’t attend. Technical difficulties present the number one roadblock for successful webinars. Voxwire Gold works on any browser for up to 1,000 participants. You can also use Voxwire to hold a product demo for an online conference. Invite participants by sending them a link in their email. That’s it!

Training and Support

One of the most powerful features in Voxwire Gold is the seamless screen-sharing tool. Via the Voxwire Gold interface, you can take control of another participant’s computer. This allows you to offer direct computer-to-computer technical support, and makes demonstrating software quick and easy. Show your clients where to click, right on their own screen! According to several new Voxwire Gold clients who are using the service just for tech support, it has already significantly sped up business, in just the first few days of use! Similarly, if you currently invest a lot of time and money into training your employees, integrating Voxwire Gold into your training program will streamline the process immensely. Show training videos while participants text questions to their instructor. Record your entire session and link to it on your website for employees to review later.

Distance Learning

The biggest roadblock for online schools has been the interface. No matter how good your classes are, if you have a sub-par platform, the students will suffer. Voxwire Gold provides multi-media support for seamless class presentations alongside face-to-face video interaction. Voxwire Gold also includes education-oriented features like hand raising and online scheduling for course management. Use Voxwire for online office hours for one-on-one meetings, conferences with parents (especially helpful for boarding schools and colleges where parents may be far afield) and school community-building events. Record lectures for later review, and compile an online database of past classes for students and teachers. Voxwire Gold works especially well for remote language classes, where class participation is a critical part of the learning process. It is very difficult to learn a language if you can’t listen, speak and be heard.

Whatever your business model, Voxwire Gold can help with efficiency, productivity and your bottom line. Give it a try for free with our 14-day trial (no credit card required) We’d love to hear what you think of the new service. Please feel free to drop us a line:

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Written by admin on February 2nd, 2011

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