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Web Hosting Backup – Do You or Don’t You?   no comments

Posted at Nov 12, 2014 @ 9:18am backup,cloud security,Web hosting
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Jeremy here again and I just have one quick question for you: Do you have insurance on your data? You may be thinking what exactly I mean by insurance of your data. It’s not like you’ve bought a car and have to pay car insurance every month. No, what I’m referring to is assurance that your data is 100% safe and secure should any issue arise and the need arise to restore your data.


What do I mean by any issue? A few examples are listed below:


  1. Your site gets exploited and all files removed
  2. The server your site is located on crashes
  3. Someone accidentally terminated your account by mistake
  4. Your main hard drive becomes corrupted and all data is lost


Those examples stated above are just a few of many that could occur on your server. These issues won’t just occur on a dedicated server, but it could occur on a Virtual Private Server(VPS), a shared server such as a reseller server or SEO server, but for shared servers, we will assume for this article, that you’ve been hosting with your reseller account/basic hosting/SEO accounts with Turnkey Internet where all our shared servers are backed up on a weekly and monthly basis. The backups are pushed off to a different server and stored away from the server containing your data and stored in a safe location, but what about customers with dedicated servers or a VPS? What do those clients do if they haven’t purchase any backup software(insurance) for their server? What happens if they crash?


You see, most clients who come to us stating they need a backup of their server because they’ve made some change and corrupted their system, are a step behind the ball. Do you really want to have to tell your clients/customers, that their data is lost because no backup was made? You basically have egg on your face at that point. So what do you do? At this point, your options are pretty limited. You would have to have some local backups stored on your local PC or Mac that you can upload back to the server and restore.  Instead of focusing on what to do after, we will focus on what to do to prevent this from every occurring.


Some clients that I’ve worked with assume that we keep a backup of all of their data from day 0 and that’s just not the case because data can only be stored so long – but generally a month to three months, or more is common.   Let’s keep the focus on a VPS or Dedicated server. When checking out on our site, Turnkey Internet, for a VPS or Dedicated Server, backup software options are always presented. Some clients take advantage of this and purchase backup software or insurance for their data, but on a few occasions, you will find a user who doesn’t. Maybe they think that they won’t put a lot of data on the server and they won’t need backups or maybe they just feel that they will never have need for backups. That, my friend, is a very foolish way to view the matter.


Let me frame it in another way that can really ground this for you. Let’s say you go purchase a new car and do not purchase insurance. You drive off the lot and right as you’re making a right to take your new car back home, BAM, an accident occurs. Now, if you have full insurance on the car, it’s no big deal and your insurance covers the entire matter for you minus the deductible, but what if you don’t have insurance on the car? You have to pay for your own damage on your car and possibly the other persons damage to their vehicle. You could be out thousands of dollars for which all could have been avoided by having insurance on your vehicle.


This is the same for your data. Having backup software is like having insurance for your data. Should an issue arise that you need to restore data, your data is safe and secure on an entirely different server. You won’t have to worry about egg being on your face as your data will be 100% secure


Do you currently have insurance for your data?  If not, you may want to consider viewing some of our backup options at:


Until next time

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Written by Jeremy on November 12th, 2014

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